New Curriculum Map

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23 thoughts on “New Curriculum Map”

      1. Steven Ordiano

        This is good too Claire. If im not mistaken in California we have changed the 5 levels into just 3 levels. Currently it is: Emerging, Expanding, Bridging

        1. That’s the thing, I copied and pasted verbatim from national WIDA standards and performance indicators and they are the same for California.

          Sadly, they are not used in foreign language. They are ESL. They can be adapted though. Anyone want to take that on? It’s nice to know what other language teachers in your building use.

  1. That New Curriculum Map was the result of conversations with a few colleagues who desired a curriculum based on targeted structures of high frequency vocabulary. I understand that desire.
    Claire, you’ve shared that document with me before and I have a copy in my Drive. It’s real good, yet many teachers who look at such a global Scope and Sequence are still left asking”but WHAT do I say?” Actually, they ask “but WHAT do I TEACH?” because they still treat language as subject matter to be learned.

    Claire’s Scope and Sequence is great to have on file and show admin what students will be able to do at the end of the year. Mine serves as a compliment on the “how” to get there. It’s still global enough to draw from ANY sources (texts or student info), but has some rails to inform the day-to-day stuff that teachers tend to freak out about. I think I used the word “anchor” in there, which is appropriate, since I hesitate to use the word “planning.”

    1. Lance, I wish I wrote stuff out as clearly and purposefully as you. I see the connection now, and what a great idea. I forget this is actually something you have to fight for in foreign language because your standards are antiquated.

      I’m so glad you shared. Perhaps you could share how you present it to administrators? Your interactions with administration in the past have been so (what’s the word?) badass. Very much transparently and unabashedly saying, here’s what I do and why it’ s better.

      1. The document truly is hot off the press, so honestly, no one has had to “sell” this to admin. The latest Tea with BvP ( helped me realize that this stuff…just…is, and it’s about letting administrators know that a curriculum map for language cannot look like one for math. I no longer think we need to fear being intimidated. The logic used in the introduction should take care of that and just be part of a discussion.

        I forgot to mention in the other post here that the original idea was to “translate” grammatical objectives in a way that was more real-world (i.e. for indirect statement, the new curriculum would state “Students will be able to identify when a speaker expresses the thoughts of another”). I began working on it thinking this would keep the Old Guard happy, but I started getting a sick feeling in my stomach. It was still a grammatical syllabus.

        1. “I began working on it thinking this would keep the Old Guard happy, but I started getting a sick feeling in my stomach.”

          So cool. Not that you felt sick, but that you fought for something better. This is revolutionary.

  2. Yes! I second Claire’s request. And I love the use of “anchor.” Badass. I LOVE how you state unequivocally that it is unethical to teach a grammar sequence. Badass. And unethical to teach curricular benchmarks. Triple badass.

    Also I LOVE the colored rings / tiers graphic thingy.


    I’m feeling how Claire’s and Lance’s work and documents dovetail marvelously! Kinda awesome!!!

  3. Steven Ordiano

    Kudos Lance. It’s super good.

    It seems that some areas have traditional grammar teachers– I’m sure more so in Latin. Here in my area, the district and so called “excellent” teachers are using “Into, through and beyond” which forces speech/writing at the end of every unit.

    It is more thematic but they call it “communicative” because they force the kids to speak together then they present. Ridiculous.

    You raise some really good points that touch upon the strategies of our area.

    I may write something up addressing my area’s poor approach.

    1. “Into, through and beyond”

      Didn’t Robert just recently comment on how to express that in TCI (Teaching w/Comprehensible Input)?

      Can somebody locate that?

  4. Lance, I like your “visualization of the vocabulary tiers.” I am not sure if I can express the clarity it gives you what you are proposing. In a way it is like a bull’s eye in the center to which we keep coming back. (2-dimensionally speaking)

    It is sort of like being in the arena. Most of the verbal “action” takes place on the sand. But we can move up a tier but we keep returning to the sand. (3-dimensionally speaking)

    We can side-step on a tier. We can move back to the sand. We can move up to another tier. But we will continue to return to the lower tiers using natural language.

    1. I also think that visualization (direct link here will be extremely helpful for creating embedded readings.

      For example, you can use the rings to help stay in bounds at lower levels or see what else is out there in an outer ring for expanding vocab. I just did some editing on my (forthcoming) novella. My only verb of motion is “it” ( = goes). This was a very deliberate attempt to shelter vocabulary (a total count now of 162), but on this second pass I might be able to identify something on a higher tier that would fit more naturally (but that I can repeat throughout the book instead of a “one-off” addition). Of course, this sort of thinking wouldn’t be appropriate for class time, because in class:

      If you need it, use it.

      1. I do not know how easy it would be to visualize, but in my mind, anyway, I picture other modes of movement as planets circling the notion of goes (general movement). It is just my way of maintaining connection and may not be the cleanest way to doing what your visual is trying to capture.

  5. This is absolutely brilliant, Lance! This is completely comprehensible and clear to your target audience, administrators. This is the format and language that administrators can easily access and understand. This is truly amazing work. We all owe you a debt of gratitude.

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