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28 thoughts on “Movie Talk Option”

  1. Two I have used:
    “The Moving Day” Classic Mickey slapstick!

    “Seven Chances” The chase scene from the Buster Keaton silent film classic.

    HT to Kelly Ferguson for “Simon’s Cat”
    This one is called “Cat Man Doo” These are under two minutes long.

    Erica sent this really good one:

  2. I may have missed this when we last discussed MovieTalk (MT), but I feel myself closer now to using MT than ever before: What are y’all’s thoughts on the English dialogue in these clips? I’d love to use this Mickey clip, but I need to know how to approach all the English. Of course I’d prefer NOT to dub over with myself speaking in Latin, but that’s just my gut reaction.

    1. Aren’t we supposed to do the clips with the sound off? I’m just getting cranked up with MT myself now, being tired of chickening out. Chill? Judy? Those who are strong at MT? How do we answer this from James? I’m so glad we have MT experts here in the group. For me, 2013-2014 is the year of MT.

  3. This is what MovieTalk is (my summary of the glesismore website):

    I know people do different things at upper levels using the actual sound track of movies, but MovieTalk is not about that. It is about teacher narration (tailored to the level of your students). We should probably differentiate terms so we don’t get confused.

      1. Hi, James. If you watch the Simon’s Cat “Cat Man Doo”, you will see that there is no narration, just the cat meowing. I turn the sound off and establish: there is a man, there is a cat, the man wants to sleep, the cat does not want to sleep, the cat wants to eat= there are a bunch of structure possibilities to choose from – even upper level structures like “If you were the man, what would you do?” You could do a ton of circling on a two minute video. Michele Whaley suggested letting the kids see the whole clip before breaking it down into chunks. Laurie may have been in on that conversation – something about the need to know where the story was going in order to focus better on the chunk.

  4. Ben, have you thought about doing a video of you doing MT with your class? I would love to see how you do it, especially with this Mickey Mouse clip. I know you said you were going to do it in your upper level and that you can do it at any level. Would you suggest taking a scene and using OWI categories to describe Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, well for that matter all of the characters? If not, how would you do it?

    1. I just do OWI with my students and we make it all up. That leaves it fully in the realm of imagination. I don’t think OWI would work in trying to develop an image already created, like Mickey. We just make it up. That’s just how I do it though.

      I’m sure I will get an MT video together but I’m not ready yet. I kept putting it off last year and now since I have declared this academic year the Year of MT (for me) I guess I’ve got to get it going.

      I’ll just be reading here a lot on what we have in the category on Movie Talk and mustering up my courage and starting next week in earnest with that one you sent us and thank you for that.

      My level 1 kids won’t do MT until April at the earliest. First I need to move methodically up the taxonomy from CWB through the other beginning the year activities and then to PQA and stories and readings from stories and then novels, which is a very tight and strong pathway that needs to be traversed before the wide open stuff like MT can be put in. Again that’s just the way I do it.

      1. I’m going to try some MT on Tuesday with my level 2 students. It’s their first day of school, and we are going to work on “What are you afraid of?” We’ll watch the scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where Professor Lupin has students confront their fears, and I will talk about what is happening, and we will circle “Hat Angst vor …” and learn “Wovor hast du Angst?” and find out who is afraid of spiders, snakes, clowns, etc., and my Teacher Candidate (Student Teacher) and I will carry the conversation with students by going SLOW when we find out what other things people are afraid of.

      2. That makes sense. I was thinking of how to use the clips and do simple yes/no questions like red shirt or blue shirt, nice or mean, intelligent or dumb. I think I’m ONCE AGAIN trying to rush vocabulary. 🙁

  5. I’m sorry if I’m being dense, but I even waited a while to ask this question after Jody helped me out. I am still unclear. Should we play this clip and other L1 clips for our students during our narration in class on mute?

    1. I show the entire clip with the sound off – if it’s short – then I start from the beginning with a chunk of video. In the “Cat” clip, I could establish there’s a man. What’s he doing? Where? Where’s the cat? What’s the cat doing? Once you get the idea that the film is just a vehicle to circle and discuss, MT will be the go to activity when PQA is losing steam or stories are getting old. It’s just like using a still image as a prompt. Jody’s document on planning and implementation is the perfect MT primer. Start video, stop video, circle, discuss. repeat.

    1. You want them to attend to the visual image. Then, you want them to attend to the visual image and your comprehensible dialogue. The movie sound track is superfluous in MovieTalk.

    1. You are very welcome! I’m not sure if there are any Japanese teachers in the group but there is one labeled Tokyo with no worlds that would be a perfect MT video. Here is the website with it and all the other Mickey and Friends videos….I love them all and can’t wait to try MT with my students. It is definitely going to be one of my favorite activities!

    1. erica, That’s brilliant– great for “said to him/her” and you could also introduce “thinks/believes” (circle for the wildebeeste, and then ask the kids “what do you believe/think?”).

      I am gonna follow Ben on Movietalk this year. I like how once the kids have a few colours, a few basic nouns and verbs, and maybe quickly/slowly, you can watch anything in movietalk.

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