More Homework is the Answer

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7 thoughts on “More Homework is the Answer”

  1. Really the only answer is to continually educate students and parents on language acquisition. I’ve been doing this for four years or more now and no one ever complains that I don’t give homework or that I don’t do grammar.

    I have a student in my first period class who is always dozing off. He even fell asleep while standing up and doing his “videographer” job for the Invisibles stories. I talked to his Mom about it. She says that he gets home at 9:30pm from Football practice and THEN has to start homework.

    You know a lot of teachers (I’ve heard them) will say “It’s not my problem, they choose to take football”. It actually is our problem. Kids need more sleep than adults. I don’t know of any teachers that grade papers when they get home at 9:30pm! The teachers who are coaches will usually phone it in and show movies in their classes as they grade papers.

    I tell the high achiever students that if they want to do homework, they can watch Dreaming Spanish on their own.

  2. Hey Ben, there is a teacher in my department who has the same problem I had a few years ago which you advised me on. I had a class that was so toxic that they could not handle anything CI or anything fun. You advised me to go to the textbook and stay there for at least a month. Then, if the students asked for it we could go back to CI but only after we made a class contract. If that class contract was broken we would do another full month of textbook and worksheets.

    I am advising this teacher based on what I remembered that I did, but I was wondering if there was anyway I could find those old blog posts and comments. I believe this was in 2017.

    1. Yes I remember. It worked on those kids, right?

      As far as finding those comments, we have the same situation we did on the old blog where the search bar is the only real tool we have. I’ll go snooping around a bit, but it may be difficult to find.

        1. Another thing you can do Greg is that once you find any comment thread on whatever topic you are researching, you will see the “in response to” heading toward the right of each comment that comes up. This is a link you can follow to the actual articles that prompted the comment, and by clicking on that you can read the article and go deeper into the underground caves to find more on the topic. Remember, we used to get up to 200 comments on one post, and so there’s a lot to search. I remember this topic. I think it’s wonderful to blackball a class like this. It addresses their arrogance directly and “outs” the ringleader. Been there done that. It’s a real game and we always win when we do stuff like this.

          1. So luckily this teacher did not have to go to the textbook. Just the threat of the textbook was enough to get these kids in line. I helped the teacher bring all of the textbooks (we keep Descubre Textbooks just in case we have a staffing emergency and we have to hire a textbook teacher again) to her classroom and stack them really high in the front of the room. She said when the students walked in the next day, they nearly freaked out and begged her to not go to the textbook. They reformed themselves from that point on. She was lucky because in my experience it’s never been that easy.

            The good thing too is that the students have a negative view of the textbook. One student actually said to her “I don’t learn through the textbook, I only learn through stories!”

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