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Ben Slavic

Let the Sharing Begin!

This was on Laurie’s site today:
It’s a wonderful day! Scott Benedict has created a file on the site for Embedded Readings!!   I invite you to check in and check out the beginnings of a new resource for teachers.
I have uploaded several stories as has Michele Whaley.  We will be adding more when we get back from St. Louis.
My suggestion is that teachers leave their name and school when they upload stories.  When you use or adapt a story, please give that teacher credit.  We are constantly asking our students to give credit in their work.  Let’s be role models for them!
A great deal of excitement was generated in Cancún….I am looking forward to St. Louis!!  And if you couldn’t make it to either, this resource will be available for you to get in on some great classroom material!!
Let the sharing begin!!
with love,

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