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17 thoughts on “LEAP Document 2”

  1. I will be forwarding this to my District World Language teachers as the guidance when rewriting our Learning Targets and District Common Assessments this year. It is clear, concise and effective in quelling arguments as to what people want to do vs. need to work towards doing.
    Thank you Ben.
    p.s. I’ll get my bio in this weekend. I’ve been slammed with chatter this week.

  2. I have posted both LEAP 1 AND LEAP 2 to our FLAME (Foreign Language Association of Maine). I think a very effective strategy is to keep reminding teachers of the ACTFL position on the use of the target language in class.
    I was NEVER able to let my students hear lots and lots of Spanish when using a textbook. Perhaps if we keep reminding teachers that their students should be listening to the language 95% of the class they will start to look for ways to do that? Then we will be ready to help them learn how!:)

  3. Skip,
    I checked on the FLAME website and could not find your LEAP article. I am interested in this because I am low on ammo and getting hit by sniper fire. I need some more documentation, believe it or not. Some teachers and administrators think that I have either made up this C.I. stuff or that it is a fringe element within language teaching! Incredible.

  4. Diana reads this blog but I will contact her anyway (I actually already have) about this. She has the ammo. We have ammo caches all over this blog dating back to 2007, but the information is not organized. On the other hand, Diana has been fighting this battle formally as the Coordinator of World Languages in DPS for over seven years. She has been in face to face staredowns with principals so often that she laughs in their faces and they all back down and most in DPS, except the really stupid and arrogant ones, agree with her because they can’t disagree because she presents the facts and the research with such clarity and patience. Therefore, I will prevail upon her to get us some ammo that is all in one place. We need some kind of kick ass document that cites research and standards that we can just email or hand to people. The ACTFL position statement is where we start. Diana can help us put that document together. Bryce it may be a good thing. We’re waking up a big ugly dog that has to finally take notice of how ugly it is. Each district needs a Diana Noonan, but, failing that, each of us is going to have to stand up and fight. It is already going on and you are not alone. I guess we’re all Frodos, right? We’re all Bagginseses.

      1. You’d have to ask her – she does indeed have what seems like an inexhaustible amount of ammo. But as the leader of 100 teachers she literally has no time and she just picked up the organization of the July 9 San Diego conference with Carol as well. She probably wouldn’t have the time although she always has the inclination to help others. Can you imagine the kind of planning and training and funding she had to put together to get a district of 100 people to go from 3 teachers doing CI five years ago to over 80 now?

        1. Maybe we can have a section on this blog called AMMO? It would be a place where we could find the sources to throw at our administration and at other teachers that I trying to stay stuck in the mud and are clueless as to what is best for ALL language learners. I feel like I need to practice talking in front of a mirror because I am one of the most inarticulate people I know when I am trying to defend something I believe in to the people I need to articulate it to and I end up being a blubbering emotional mess. Primary sources would be awesome! I can start searching.

          1. Actually that is what I intended the Administrator/Parent/Teacher Re-education category to do – provide us with Ammo in one place. Is it working that way?

  5. Thanks, Ben. We all need to be ready to justify our stance. My defense is too piece meal.
    I think that folks in my district think that i am some kind of obsessed radical–a wild and crazy guy that happens to be in the language teaching profession. Maybe my sights are set too high, but only about half of our teachers are on board with CI/TPRS. I am not satisfied with that.
    Ha, ha! I like the LOTR reference. But I identify more with Sam–your humble, but exceedingly determined servant.

  6. Thank you for “excepting the asterisk”. There is a growing number is Latin teachers who detest that asterisk because we know that communicative language approaches work in our classrooms, with Latin, just like any other language.

  7. I like the term “growing number”. When the number increases, the results are assured, if we but have patience. This CI stuff re: Latin could be bigger than it is re: modern languages. It could resurrect.

  8. The Denver Public Schools should at least be grateful that they are in a battle. My situation, and that of many or most TPRS/comprehension based teachers, is that there is one teacher who must take on an entire system of entrenched, apathetic, close minded, fearful and ignorant administrators and fellow language teachers.
    One of my students in my Spanish class at the community college is the director of ESL at a school district in the Kansas City area. I do my storytelling/PQA during about half the class time and she totally supports what I am doing and gets it. SHE WANTS TO ATTEND NTPRS NEXT SUMMER!!! It appears that it will be in Las Vegas during the last week of July as I see on the moretprs site. One of the benefits of teaching to adults is that often times they are students who are decision makers in the community and are also eager to spread the word about comprehension based instruction.
    A little more about ESL. One thing that I must keep in mind when I tell ESL instructors about TPRS and comprehension based instruction is that the NTPRS conference and TPRS workshops in general are not immediately applicable to ESL instruction. I first began using TPRS in ESL after having used it as best I could for a couple of years in K-12 Spanish and college classes in Spanish and Portuguese. And allow me to say a few things that I have often said before. Establishing meaning and checking for comprehension are the main areas where ESL instructors have to make major modifications. Just a few weeks ago I got a new ESL student from Mexico. She is the first Spanish speaking student that I have had this year in ESL. (Our school is nearly half Hispanic and they are rarely seen in beginning ESL classes.) Establishing meaning and doing comprehensions checks can be done in a millisecond with her while it is done with much laborious work and uncertainty for my students who speak Nepali, Karen, Karenni and various dialects of Burmese Chin. My personal experience is that ESL instructors can not afford to live in the ignorance in which most foreign language instructors are in here in the U.S. ESL students must achieve real proficiency in the English language. I do not want to paint to rosy a picture of ESL instruction either and I mostly agree with Diana Noonans comments about ESL in the Denver schools.
    Finally, I like Ben’s idea of organizing better how we present the case for comprehension based instruction. As I see it there are two main approaches. First is to crank out students with proficiency from our classes and have people actually witness and be a part of comprehension based instruction. Second is to lay out the case based on documents from ACTFL and similar organizations and government entities AND the relevant SLA research. First in SLA is Krashen, of course, but we should strive to bring in as much as possible others who support our goals. Many times I have been surrounded by skeptical administrators and colleagues and have thought how nice it would be to have somebody like Diana Noonan at my side to lay it all out but as Ben said we have to do it on our own.

  9. It boggles my mind that people like Bryce and Ben have opposition to CI. You guys are awesome.
    I need some good information to help me communicate. What is LEAP anyway?

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