Julie Schonauer

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10 thoughts on “Julie Schonauer”

  1. Julie Schonauer

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Chris, you are not far from me at all. Where do you teach? (Sorry Ben, I didn’t realize Navarre was French, silly me). Just a little family history: Navarre used to be called Rochester in the 1800’s when the Schonauers came over from Switzerland and came down the Ohio Canal on a river boat on their way to Mt. Hope. (Don’t know why they were going there). Anyway, I’ve had to print out the acronym list just to keep up with all the abbreviations you folks throw around, but I’m learning. It’s like a secret code!

    1. And Julie I appreciate your response to all the acronyms – they are very much like a secret code. Just to be clear, they certainly weren’t manufactured to confuse people.

      We came up with so many breakthrough ideas this year, ideas that have taken us into a new place with the old broken down TPRS that so many teachers failed with, and so I had to come up with some way of codifying the ideas, so I used that form of a small letter connected to a person and then two upper case letters as identifiers of the strategy.

      Otherwise, without that form for each new blockbuster idea, we would have quickly forgotten them since we have almost 4,000 posts here over the past seven years with over 21,000 comments now – they would have scrolled out on us and that is the last thing we need because of the power in these strategies.

      Hopefully over time we figure out a way to make it all make sense. But for those of us who have been in the trenches watching these ideas develop this year and then trying each one out in their classrooms, the real testing grounds where real teachers work in real settings, with such positive results, we know that we have hit some kind of mother lode of gold and we are set to mine it to our great advantage next year.

      Our growth this year, for those who have done the digging all year every day, has been exponential due to these strategies. As clumsy as they are to get complete control of, they have together – as a group of about eight or ten acronyms – vaulted us forward to a place in our teaching that few could appreciate unless they were here this past year, reading daily.

      I am so proud to be a part of this group of teachers. When something new comes along, we pounce. We are pouncers. We don’t get all theoretical about this shit. We don’t take a few steps backwards and put our hand furtively on our chin and think about it. We act in our classrooms. We rush into trying new ideas. We trip over chairs and make messes. We kick ass.

      We have kicked ass and now we have to settle in, straighten out all the acronyms (don’t worry, James is on the case and when you say James Hosler you’ve said it all in terms of talent and intelligence and leadership in language acquisition). We have to clean up from this year’s great messy growth. We will keep up with our leit motif of simplifying everything.

      OK end of rant. But I am so happy about what we have done together this year that I can’t help from gushing about it. You guys rock it. You are CI rockets. And next year is definitely going to be a blast off year for us.

      Most people using CI will hope to circle the moon a few times, but we’re heading to other galaxies with this stuff next year. All we have to do is get the templates/flow charts of the acronyms together, those who can will meet in San Diego, others will meet and grow in Dallas, and off we go, after a good and well earned rest this summer.

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