iFLT Update

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31 thoughts on “iFLT Update”

  1. Carol,

    Will any sessions from this be recorded for later viewing? I cannot make it to the conference, but would be willing to pay something for recordings. I know this is the second time I’ve brought something like this up, but I think it is worth repeating how easy it is nowadays to record something so that it can last forever and impact many more people than those in the room.

    1. Ditto! I just solidified some plans for next year that are going to require me to save every penny I have between now and the start of the school year, so no conference for me. What a bummer too! I was really hoping to be there and see some pros and mingle. But I’ll pay for videos…

    1. I asked Carol and we have no plan to formally record sessions. However, I will try to remember to record mine. I can just put them up as videos here. I’m doing like seven hours a day though, so I will have to edit it all and that could take some time. Drew help me with the video.

    1. Margie Snyder

      SO wish I could go…my daughter is having a minor surgical procedure at Cleveland Clinic. Maybe next time! I’m counting on all of you to take great notes and fill us in! 🙂

    2. Eric Spindler

      I’m in. And I will be doing Ben’s group as well. I am looking for a place to stay though and would be willing to split a hotel if anyone is up for it. I’m trying to get my department chair to go as well.

  2. Chris, as a fledgling conference (this is only our third), we have kept iFLT close to home. Carol is in Phoenix and Krashen is in SoCal so it made sense. And we kept it close to home in CO last year since Diana, along with Carol, is in CO. But I will see Diana tomorrow, and she always talks to Carol, and there is no reason we can’t put some energy out there for Ohio next summer. The problem is that we never know about numbers, upon which the success of the conference depends, until right before it happens, as most people tend to sign up at the last minute. iFLT, in my opinion, is an important option to what Blaine offers, and so we hope it is able to go on through the years. So hopefully this year is good.

  3. Ben,
    I met Jason Fritze a few weeks ago when I brought my department to one of his beginner workshops. It was such a powerful reminder of what this method is and a number of my teachers are energized. He did a plug for this iFLT conference and being so close it just worked out.

    I hope that the advanced workshop will strengthen my skills and help cater to my upper level classes, where I feel like I need some major work. I am teaching a new NON AP Spanish IV for the first time next year for kids who just want to shoot the shit, read some legends and some short stories, and not worry about that test. I am super pumped about it, but it came with a lot of fight and resistance from the AP teachers. I am stealing their kids and I am watering down a curriculum.

    Anyway, do you have any idea if there will be a lot about non-level 1 CI and strategies for levels 2-AP?

      1. Hope so. I have always thought that so many are doing TCI with the lower levels and have been for some time. Time to turn the spot light on the upper levels – it’s only the natural progression of things!

  4. Chill and I will definitely be there!! Looking forward to seeing you all!! (We’ll also be at NTPRS if anyone is heading there). For those of you who cannot make it, you are not alone!!! I did not go to anything for many years because it was simply impossible. After 30 years in the classroom, this was the first year that I was able to go to ACTFL. It’s never too late….have faith!

    with love,

  5. I just found out yesterday that my colleague’s position is being cut next year. 🙁
    I will be the ONLY Spanish teacher. Now more than ever (because I am going to have HUGE classes) I need to focus focus focus on TCI!!!!
    This is truly bittersweet news. I am devastated that she is leaving – despite our conflicts over SLA…she is a good friend and we could bounce ideas off each other.
    Hopefully I can find the $$ to get my butt out west this summer for the conferences!!! (I really feel like I need them to prepare for the onslaught next year! – not to mention that Breckenridge really energized me and I was PUMPED for months afterwards!!!! and the Maine conference too!!)

  6. OK – I did it!!!! I’m *IN*. I will be in San Diego!!! Chill and Laurie: I am really psyched to see you guys again!!! Drew: I just started watching your video and am thrilled to be able to meet you and talk to you about it – it was very inspiring! Also, I am going to have to teach the upper levels next year too (I have taught 1 and 2 for the past 5 years since I started teaching; I don’t know where to begin to teach Level 4!!! Level 3 I can figure out, but 4???? I can def. use the help!) I am also excited because San Diego is one of those places on my bucket list — has been just about all my life (and I’m in my 50s!) So, thank you Carol for holding it there!
    Sabrina….I am so pumped to see you, my friend, again!!! and Ben…looking forward to seeing you again too!!! I got so much out of Breckenridge, I had to go to this conference – especially since I have no idea what next school year is going to be like, and since I got so much “push-back” from kids this past week (and a mother about my grading!!! sheeesh! )

  7. It is so good to be looking forward to summer and seeing alllll of youuuuuuu! MB, I am always looking for level 3 and 4 inspiration!!!!! I am sure we will find an abundance of it in San Diego!

  8. I hope to come back from SD with some 3/4 stuff as well – it’s the first time next year that I will have my own kids from level 1 taking level 3. So I’m looking at getting a plan for more embedded reading (but where is the time for it?) and Movie Talk and whatever else I can find out from the upper level experts who will be there.

  9. HOTELS????
    Where is everyone staying??? Chill? Laurie? Ben? LeighAnne? Drew? Eric? (who else?)
    I need to make reservations and want to stay where everyone else will be, for evening get-togethers! 🙂

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