iFLT on Monday

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30 thoughts on “iFLT on Monday”

  1. I’m arriving around 12:30, am planning to get a shuttle to the Marriott on Zuni street with 2 others. I’d be up for a War Room session on Mon.!

  2. I’m just down the road in the Springs, and can come up to Denver at any time. I’d be happy to do lunch, a War Room session, help with setup, whatever. Very excited to meet everyone and get to work!

  3. I guess a plan for Monday will develop. Matthew if you come up earlier in the day I would accept help in setting up at the high school. They kick us out each day at 4:30 so we need to keep that in mind for our p.m. War Room sessions. Carol is only giving us three sessions during the week on T/W but Diana told me that some of the suites are really big at the hotel. That is an issue right now, finding a venue for as much War Room as we can possibly cram into the week. And if you come up earlier we might be able to help people get from the airport although Angie has found a shuttle right to Zuni. We’ll figure it out.

  4. Hey all. Like Ben said, I’m free all Monday. Even if it’s a small group, I’d be game for meeting up before the conference to prep for the war room, set up for Tuesday, informal chat, whatever. This is my first conference of any sort and I am extremely excited and want to get as much as possible out of the experience. Maybe if it’s just a few of us we could watch each others’ videos to see what needs growth ahead of the war room? And drink beer?

    – Brian

  5. If we can find a place to work, we should explore working Monday evening. I mean, if everybody is going to be in the hotel, why not? So, who is staying where? We have to figure out a way to not waste an entire evening.

  6. Ben – let me know the time and I’ll be there to help with setup and/or airport runs if need be. I am definitely happy to jump right in and have a session Monday, even if it is a small group of us. I’m staying with a sister in Arvada (10-15 minutes from the school), so while I’d rather not make more trips than necessary to and from the school, I’m pretty available for whatever we end up doing.

    Brian – Whatever the plan ends up being on Monday, know that I can always be counted on to grab a pint with you.

  7. Here’s my number:


    Anyone coming in who wants to do an evening session, if we can find a venue, check in and we’ll go from there. Matthew call me or I’ll call you. I really only have a few posters, though, since we CI teachers travel light, so probably don’t need the help.

  8. I put in a call to the hotel to see whether there might be a space there where we could meet, but the manager wasn’t there…I’ll try again tomorrow.

  9. My plane lands (barring any weather related issues) at 9:30 AM on Monday. Would love to avoid the shuttle and am available for whatever help you need! Unless you have changed your cell phone number recently, I can call when I get in. Totally fine to chill in the airport while waiting for others – probably cannot check in anyway!! Thanks for the offer, mon ami! My cell: 609-231-1141

  10. Chris Minkoff

    I arrive on Monday at 4PM and could use a ride from the airport if anyone is coming to the airport around that time. I also can hang out and wait in the airport if anyone’s coming for pick-ups at a later time. If not, I’ll take the AF shuttle as Google Maps has informed me.

    I’m staying at a house through AirBnB that is 7 blocks from North HS. So I figure I’ll drop off my things and then see what’s going on that evening with you all. Always down for a pint as well during the week.

    My cell: 760-522-5655

  11. Hi everyone!
    I just got home from walking El Camino de Santiago in Spain for the past month, so have been outta the loop! I am flying into Denver at 3pm. I cannot wait to meet everyone and get down to business 🙂

    Let me know if I can be of any help…
    Cell: 619-947-0472


  12. What we will do is get as many rides in from the airport as we can throughout the day on Monday because Denver’s airport is so far out it may as well be in Kansas, which makes taxis out of the question and shuttle rides really long and require chiropractic after you arrive. So now what we need to know is who is coming in when and we will try to work it out.

    Even a two hour wait at the airport would be quicker than a shuttle, because they take people one by one to their hotels and it can take forever.

    So send me an email at benslavic@yahoo.com with your name and airline and arrival time and over the weekend I can make plans, maybe talk to Matthew about a run as well, throughout the day. All I have going on is setting up the War Room on Monday and I could even skip that because I can do it Tues. morning.

    The main thing is the evenings. I have done that where I tried to catch a shuttle into town in the p.m. and it’s just not convenient, and that is saying it kindly.

    Email your details so I can update. I’ll turn this comment into an article over the weekend for clarity of communication.

    On the sensitive issue of publishing phone numbers, just do so if you feel comfortable. I am collecting the ones I see above in my phone and mine is 303-995-0526 so if there is confusion during the day on Monday just call me. So go put my number in your phone.

    (And don’t say I’m being nice. I have waited all my life to be with people like you all. I would crawl from my house and bring you in on my back if the miles weren’t so far. You all are my heroes. You are trying to do things that make sense in a world gone insane. I mean, I know I’m nice, but this is about honoring fellow warriors, and that is the way to say it.)

    So far I have this information from above:

    Louisa Walker 3:00 p.m. Airline?
    Chris Minkoff 4:00 p.m. Airline?
    Carol Hill of chill fame 9:30 a.m.
    John Piazza 7:30 p.m. Airline?
    Annemarie Orth p.m.
    Carly Robinson ?
    Joe Eye p.m.
    Angie Dodd – afternoon
    jen schongalla – via the invisible world

  13. I’ll be in Denver Sunday. Ben, if you need a hand drop me a line 604-222-0499 or text. I am playing music Monday after about 6 but free before then.

    Btw anybody who plays Irish trad or bluegrass, bring yr instrument!

  14. Ben, et. al:

    I am flying in on Southwest Airlines at 3:00 pm…and am willing to wait for any “knight in shining armor” that might be willing to rescue this damsel from the throes of the shuttle ride!

    Merci beau coup –


  15. Annemarie Orth

    Unfortunately I won’t be staying at the hotel. Will the other sessions of the “war room” be happening during the conference or at night on Tues, Wed, and Thurs?

  16. …will the other sessions of the “war room” be happening during the conference or at night on Tues, Wed, and Thurs?…

    Annemarie there are three scheduled sessions during the conference at North High School, one on Tuesday and two on Wednesday, all in the afternoon.

    My big concern is that we don’t yet have a place to meet in the evenings. We could come to my house but it is 20 miles away. So I am working on that right now.

    1. Annemarie Orth

      Ah, I just saw them in the conference schedule. Thanks.
      I am staying with becca and elissa at her uncle’s house somewhere in Denver. We have a rented car so perhaps one evening I can stay longer after the afternoon sessions.

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