Action Item! – PLC Email/Regular Mail Addresses

I’ve been putting this off for long enough. It’s time to get current, to clean up the group membership information found below. Let’s improve this list. This time I’m asking everybody to please include your city and state as well. This will help us find each other.

Of course there is also the map that needs updating (see hard link and tutorial information for how to do that). Both the list and the map currently have only about 25% of the actual PLC members listed on it. So if we don’t act now the list is otherwise kind of useless. It will just take a few moments for you to update your email address and add in your city and state or country.

Two choices on how to do it: 1) Send your changes, or for new people your new information, to me at or 2) write it in a comment field below). Be sure to follow the sample format below, which includes your email address, town and state in the exact order that you see here, using Martin’s as an example:

  • Martin Anders Email: Hamburg, Germany

(I use Martin’s as an example because he is the first person who ever joined this blog many many years ago – and I get to finally meet him in person this summer in France!)

Remember to add your city and state or, if you are an overseas member of the blog, your city and country. Also please update any changed emails or other information. And please check to see if your address has been correctly copied in.

This list has proven to be of great value to private networking between group members, so please help us keep the network humming by taking one minute right now to provide the information.

Of course participation in this update is optional.

Many thanks!

Suzanne Adler Email:
Zach Al Moreno Email: New Delhi, India and Seattle, WA
Russ Albright email: Salem, OR
Mike Alexander Email:
Robert Allen Email: Tokyo, Japan
Martin Anders Email: Hamburg, Germany
Luz Antolinez Email:
Ursula Apaestegui Email:
Krista Applegate Email:
Olga Arenas Email:
Laura Avila Email: Belfast, ME

Christina Bacca Email:
Miriam Baechle Email:
Mary Michel Baker Email: Irmo, SC
Lafa Baker Email:
Nathan C Baldwin Email:
Carla Barnett
Crystal Barragan Email:
Troy Bartel Email:
Erin Bas Email:
Alison Bass Email:
Raymond Bauer Email: Chicago, IL
Mary Bausman-Watkins
Rebecca Bearden Email:
John Becker Email:
Rachel Beckley Email:
Chris Begg Email:
Lori Belinsky Email:
Scott Benedict/teachforjune
Jo Benn Email:
Timothy Bennett Eemail:
Kelly Bermudez Email:
Teresa Billy Email:
Alexandra Bilow Email:
Helen Prakelt Bishop South Hero, Vermont
Nathan Black Email:
Angela Boatner
Brittany Bogue Email:
Elizabeth Bonneau Email:
Grant Boulanger Email:
Corinne Bourne Email: Redding, CA
Jason Bond, Email: Islay, Scotland
Ida Bowman Email:
Aaron Boyle Email:
John Bracey Email:
Francois Breuer Email:
Jeffery Brickler Email: Cincinnati, Ohio
Christiane Brinkerhoff Email:
Sally Marie Brownfield Email:
Jennie Bucher Email:
Setsuko Burch Email:
Kathryn J Burton Email:
Carla Butler Email:

Robert Card Email:
Kathie Calkins Email [sch 8/2014]
Kyle Carr Email:
Renu Carroll Email:
Glenn Case
Dahiana Castro Email:
Bu Cathy: Australia
Leslie Caulfield
Guillermo Cencis Email:
Montgomery Chandler
Jessica Chase Email:
Bram Chisholm Email:
Susanna Ciotti Email:
Laurie Clarcq Email:
Iracema Clark Email:
Joan Clarke Email:
Jeanne Classe Email:
Kevin Clemens Email:
Deborah Climie Email:
Jacqueline Cohen
Jennie Cohen Email:
Holly Connelly Email:
Rosemarie Connelly Email:
Danielle Connors Email:
Valene Contor Email:
Joseph Cowherds Email:
Beth Coyle Email: New Delhi, India
Kathy Crawford
Skip Crosby Email:
Matthew Creek Email:
Kelly Cusson Email:

Roderick Dail Email:
John Michael Daley
Christina Davern Email:
Linda Day Email:
Emeka Debyser Email:
Amy DeHerrera Email:
Adriane Dellorco Email:
Julia Denison Email:
Byron Despres-Berry Email: BDESPRESBERRY@NEW.RR.COM
Richard Detwiler Email:
Tracy Devers Email:
Ryan Dickison Email:
Charlotte Din Email:
Eva Dirckx Email:
Angelka Dodd Email:
Heike Domine Email:
Bradley Donaldson Email:
Sarah Downey Email:
Daniel Dubois Email:
Judith Dubois Email: Agen, France
Matthew DuBroy Email:
Daniel Durrett Email:
Joseph Dziedzic Aspen, CO

Jeffrey Easthon Email:
M Eaton Email:
Heidi Edel Email:
Andrew Edwards Email:
Geno Edwards Email: Florence, SC
Zoe Eiber Email:
Elena Chicago LLC Email:
Valerie Eiferle Email:
Catherine Elliott Email:
Michael Elsen-Rooney Email:
Amanda Eppolito Email:
Alicia Erion Email:
Shirley Esau Email:
Hanane Essadiki Email:
Robert Everett Email:
Anny Ewing Email:
Joseph J Eye Email:

Lauren Faken Email:
Jennifer Ferguson Email:
Caroline Ferree Email:
Lori Fiechter Email: Bluffton, Indiana
Sandra Fink Email:
Cara Fiorello Email:
Paul Fleck Email:
Ruth Fleishman Email:
Bonnie Flint Email:
Erin Flores Email:
Jacqueline Ford Email:
Stephen Ford Email: Manizales, Colombia
Charles Frazier Email:
Elizabeth Fri Email:

Jessica Gabriel Email:
Cecilia Gadd-Siegel Email:
Thar Gaden E-mail:
Dennis Gallag Email:
David Ganahl Email: Corona, California
Emily Garaitonandia Email:
Margarita Pérez Garcia Email:
Sherry Gardner Email:
Bill Gavette Email:
Tmi Geerlings Email:
Melissa Geitgey Email:
Jennifer Gerlach Email:
Eileen Giarratano
Stefanie Gill Email:
Roberta Gillott Email:
Elodie Giordano-Lynn Email:
Colleen Girouard Email:
Reed Goodey Email:
Andrew Graff Email:
Naomi Graham Email:
Scott Grapin Email:
Megan Green Email:
Catharina Greenberg Email:
Teri Grindstaff Email:
Jordan Guerette Email:
Teri Guerra Email:
LaDonna J Gustafson Email:
Gretchen Gyri Email:

Ngan Ha Ta
Henry Hall Email:
Nathaniel Hardt Email:
David Hardy Email:
Christina Hargaden Email:
Cris Harlowe Email:
Rebecca L Harlow
Robert Harrell Email:
Brien Hartung Email:
Paige Bonnivier Hassall Email:
Mark Hazard Email:
Larry Hendricks: Email:
Elizabeth Heuermann Email:
Andrew Hiben Email:
Jessica Hildahl Email:
Carol Hill Email:
Joseph Hill Email:
Melissa Hodge Email:
Katie H. Holder
Hugh Holliday
Amy Holtorf Email:
Ya Hui Hong
Emily Horner Email:
Melanie Ireton Email:
Keith Ivers Email:

Manuel Jaime Jr. Email:
Sabrina Janczak Email:
Salema Jenkins Email:
Patricia Jessen Email:
Albert Johnson Email:
Diana Johnson Email:
Frank J. Johnson: Chicago, Il
Steve Johnson: Rock Hill, SC
Susan B Johnson Email:
Brandon Jones Email:
Jeremy Jordan Email:
Scott Jordan
Hong Joyce Email:
Sandra Justice Email:

Brigitte Kahn Email:
Dan Kalstad Email:
Tamara Kantzes Email:
Daniel Karl Email:
Ashley Kave Email:
Marie Keath
Stephanie C Kenemer
Alina Khamidullina Email:
Chamnauch Khem Email:
Jeffrey Kikawa Email:
Kristine B Kirkaldy Email:
Ashley Klimisch Email: [sch 8/2014]
Mark Knowles Email: Boulder, CO
Melissa Kriebel Email:
Charlotte Kroeker Email:
Jamie Kronwal Email:
Jessica Krueger Email: New Delhi, India and Denver, CO
Jody Krupski Email:
Michelle Kuehnlein Email:
Angela Kunert Email:
Matthew Kutolo Email: mkutolo03@fastmail.fmc
Janet Kyung email: Portland, OR


Dana Lacey Email:
karen landau Email:
William Langley
Brittany Larson Email:
Sean Lawler Email: Chicago, IL
Alexander Lee Email:
Katherine Legere Email:
Angelina Hernandez Legerton Email:
Susan Lehr Email:
Amber Leinart Email:
Ben Lev Email: Sebastopol, CA
Linda Li Email: New Delhi, India
Zihan Lin Email:
Paure Liou Email:
Briana Livingston Email:
Nancy Llewellyn
Julia Lo Email:
David Loebe Email:
Carmen Pilar Cervilla Lopez Email:
Reyna Lopez Email:
W Michael Lovett Email:
Dana Loy Email: Norman, OK
Robby Lyon

Anne Mackelvie Email:
David Maconaghie Email:
Daniel Madrigal Email:
Cindy Maeda Email:
Mark Mallaney Email: Denver, CO
Heather Manibusan Email:
Karima Mann Email:
Diane Mantlick
John Marble
Rachel Martinez Email:
Karina Martins
Anne Matava Email: Searsport, ME
David Maust Email: Los Angeles, CA
Diane Max Email:
Natalia Mayor Email:
Lisa McClintock Email:
Jessica McCormack Email:
Erica McCurry Email:
Peter McHugh Email: Philadelphia, PA
Elissa McLean Email:
Kari McMullin
Michael K McPeters Email:
Desiree McInnes Email:
Barbara Merry Email:
Michelle Metcalf Email:
Lynda Meunier Email:
Zigrida Meyer Email:
Christopher Minkoff Email:
Maria Myers Email:
Dawn Mitchell Email:
Diana Modica Email:
Judy Molland Email:
Patricia Moller Email:
Elise Montgomery Email:
Jeffrey Moore
Inger Moran Email:
Donna Moran Email:
Heidemarie Morris Email:
Ashley Morrison Email:
Carmen Ordonez Moser Email:
Rebecca Moulton Email:
Leigh Anne Munoz Email:
Sammie Murphy Email:
Scott Muzychka Email:

Michael Nagel Email:
Nicholas Naso Email:
Daniel Navar Email:
Diane Neubauer Email: Evergreen, CO
Chau Nguyen Email:
Francis Nichelson Email:
Rebecca Lynch Nichols Email:
Martha Nojima Email:
Daniel Noll Email:

Karen Oberlander Email:
Helen O’Connor Email:
Carrie Okland Email:
Lauren O’Malley Email:
Liam O’Neill Email:
Sonya O’Neill Email:
Kristin Olmstead
Erik Olsen Email:
Andrew Olson Email:
Annemarie Orth Email:
Georgina Otero Email:

Melissa Page Email:
Philip Palmer Email:
Cesar Gonzalez Paso Email:
Cameron Paterson
Miriam Patrick Atlanta, GA
Robert Patrick Email:  Atlanta, GA
David Painter Email: Summerville, SC
Donna Peacher-Hall
Brian Peck Email: Detroit, MI
Helen Pegram Email:
Mykola Nikolai Penner Email: Toronto, Canada
Jorge Perez de Jesus Email:
Ian Perry Email:
Marcia Peterson Email:
Vanessa Peterson Email:
Michael Peto Email:
Colleen Petro Email:
Rebecca Phillips Email:
John Piazza Email:
Angela Pidgeon Email:
Keegan Potter Email:
Benjamin Powell Email:
Angela Proto Email:
Jenny Prozell Email:

Karissa Radford
Joanna Ramirez Email:
Sarah Rasay Email:
Jennifer Raulston Email:
Vernon Ravan Email:
David Reich
Sharon Reiter Email:
Maria Renard Email:
Marijke Renneboog Email:
Fanny Reyes Email:
Francisco Reyes Email:
Elizabeth Reynolds Email:
Michele Rhodes Email:
James Rhodes Email:
Erin Riggins Email:
Reed Riggs Email:
David Ring Email:
Jacquenette Rivera
Bernard Rizzoto Email:
Christopher Roberts Email: Dayton, OH
Benjamin Robinson Email:
Carly Robinson Email: New York, NY
Melissa Robitaille Email:
Bobbi Robledo Email:
Nadine Robles Email:
Lavinia Rogers Email:
Katyana Rogo Email:
Alana Rose Email:
Pamela Rose Email:
Shirley Rosenau Email:
Andrew Rosene Email:
Max Routledge Email:
Cori Russo Email:
Ryazanova Alexandra Email:

Melissa Sadler Email:
Britt Samson Email:
Heather Sandy E-mail:
Enrique Santos Email:
Orlando Santos Email:
Phil Sawatzky Email: <ahref=””> Wichita, KS
K Savelio E-mail:
K Jolyn Sawatzky
Philip Sawatzky Email: Wichita, Kansas
David Sceggel: Peoria, IL
Andrea Schickel Email: Denver, CO
Susan Schiller Email: Newberg, OR
Travis Schneider Email:
Julie Schonau Email:
Jen Schongalla Email: Sanbornton, NH
David Schultz Email:
Trisha Schutzius Email:
Catherine Schwenkler Email:
Paul Seevinck Email:
Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg, email:
or private:, in Skokie, IL
Craig Sheehy Email:
Carl Shenk Email:
Debbie Shipman Email:
Lynn Shreve Email:
Chelsea Sigala
Denise Signs Email: Denver, CO
Jason Sinclair Email:
Elizabeth J. Skube Email:
Richard Sloan Email:
Ann Smith Email:
Phil Smith E-mail:
Andrew Snider Email:
Melissa Snider Email:
Margie Snyder Email:
Carina Soderlund Email:
Julie Soldner Email: Denver, CO
Sandy Soltau Email:
Darcy Soto Email: Portland, OR
Jennifer Sparano Email:
Yadda Speak Email:
Holly Spendlove Email:
Eric Spindler Email: Galesburg, IL
Phyllis Spinelli Email:
Piyanut Sripana Email:
Lynnette St. George Denver, CO
Judy Stadem Email:
Edward C Stanko Email:
Robin Stevens
Michael Stewart Email:
erik stockham Email:
Chris Stolz Email: Vancouver, CA
Gregory Stout Email:
Nicky Sunde Email:
Charlcie Swadley Email:
Lori Swan Newberg, OR
Clarice Swaney Email:
Vicki Swedeen Email:
Deena Swenson Email:
Lynne M Switzer Email:

Gabrielle Tabor Email:
Yvonne Tagbo Email:
Alexandra Talley Email:
David Talone Email:
Bonnie Tandy Email:
Nina Tanti Email:
Lauren Tauchman Email:
Suzanne TenBroek Email:
Cherie Thomas Email:
Alison Thompson Email:
Latrina Thompson Email:
Mary Beth Tietgens Email:
Keith Toda Email:
Therese Tolliver Email:
Jayme Trachsel Email:
Jim Tripp Email: or
Leah Turner Email:
Jean Twomey

Bilbo Underhill E-mail:
Elizabeth Underhill Email:
Jeff Underwood Email:
Roberto Lopez Uranga Email:

Susan Vanbronkhurst Email:
Guy Van Der Veen Email:
Jane Vanderbeek Email:
Hanne Vanlangenaeker Email:
Sara Veigl Email:
Schuyler Vezina
Yvonne Villa Email:
Dori Diane Vittetoe Email:
Deirdre Vogt Email:
Mark Voss Email:

Liz Waddick Breckenridge, CO
jon-eric wagman Email:
Emilie Walker Email:
Louise Walker Email: San Diego, CA
Cynthia Walsh Email:
Shauna Walsh Email:
Lauren Watson
Kayla Weaver Email:
Matthew A Webster Email:

Bryan Whitney Email: Missoula, Montana
Anne Wynn Weissinger Email:
Brittany Welch
Karen Wendt Email:
Christian Wernau Email:


Craig West Email: Riverside CA
Jennifer Wetzig Email:
Michele Whaley Email: Anchorage, AL
Elizabeth Whitesell Email:
Zachary Whiteside Email:
Teri Wiechart Email:
Robin Wieten Email:
Angela Williams Email:
Kelly Williams Email: Joliet, IL
Leah Wilson Email:
Wendy Wira Email:
Albert Wise Email:
Ardythe Woerley Email:
Kristen ND Wolf email: Bozeman,MT
Lois Wollin Email:

Yiyi Xu Email:”

Freda Yoshiok Email:
David R Young Email: Kansas City, MO
John Young Email:
Julie Young Email:

Kurt Zebley Email:
Allison Zilka Email:



80 thoughts on “Action Item! – PLC Email/Regular Mail Addresses”

    1. Dear colleagues, please:
      If Ben asks us to follow a certain format it is because he wants to just copy and paste to his list the line you sent. We can’t expect him to spend hours on retyping all the information!

      Thank you.

      1. GALESBURG?!! It’s a small world. :o) My son is at Knox College. He loves Galesburg.

        with love,
        (14 hours from Galesburg in upstate NY)

  1. Eric,

    Are you new on the blog? I m only asking b/c I don’t see your bio.
    Where is Galesburg in relation to Chicago?
    I’ll send you a private email in case you don’t see this.

  2. Sabrina, I just joined fairly recently. I’ll go work on my bio now, but have been busy finalizing parts of our GAPP Exchange. (16 German students and teachers who arrived last night).

        1. Thanks Eric and Polly. You know who is right in that area and someone I really admire for his teaching style, which rocks the house, although he is very quiet here but a true rock star, is David Sceggel. Not sure exactly where. Plus, Polly what’s not to love about Central Illinois? I lived for five years in Champaign growing up and went to Washington U in St. Louis. I love that deep rich heartland. Does get cold though….

    1. Carly how’s it going? Let me know if you get a chance.That was some serious work we did in that Denver War Room, right? I miss Louisa and Joseph and Anu and the others. That was some fun times!

    1. Hi Corinne so good to hear from you! What classes are you teaching now? I remember when we spoke last there were some changes going on about your AP classes in Russian and French.

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