Group Lesson Plans

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9 thoughts on “Group Lesson Plans”

  1. Alisa and Catherina and the other elementary teachers are we in secondary schools too far apart from what you are doing in elementary to consider unified CI lesson plans? What is the cut off grade for a unified group-created level 1 lesson plan? I’m testing the waters to see how much we can not have elementary CI teachers cut off from our own middle and high school lesson group planning if indeed we even do this idea.

  2. I think this would not only be helpful with new teachers to CI but with collaboration could bring multiple items together to create a powerful plan of action. We could create lessons that included many activities. Linking story asking scripts, embedded readings, movie talk, visuals, the new Vpqa, speed readings and more to reinforce target structures shared by many teachers not only would save prep time but could then be used for group reflection. This would be a growing experience especially for teachers that don’t have a group of other CI teachers nearby.

  3. …with collaboration could bring multiple items together to create a powerful plan of action….
    I agree with this. One of the things about this work is that it is so BIG that I always feel that I forget stuff. A group lesson plan would allow me to see what is possible with any chosen (common) story that we may be doing that week, choosing or skipping certain activities as I wish. Then, knowing that others are doing the same thing that I am doing that week, we could collaborate on creating materials as you describe above, Melissa, like readings from stories. I am sure that there will all sorts of weird little details to work out, and who knows if it will actually work, but we can try. Thanks for responding. Right now, it’s just an idea, but one with a lot of potential to help all of us who are interested in the idea.
    One caution is that time is different in the CI universe. One teacher could do one activity all week and another might do 20. So we need to keep in mind as we plan this (slowly over the summer, I imagine) that we would definitely avoid a “If it’s Tuesday I must be on this activity” mentality. We can just suggest activities through the week and everybody could pace things as they want and compare notes here in the evenings. This is where I think the video clips could be useful, not where we video our classes (requires too much time to watch) but where we just make like a five minute clip to load up to YouTube where we talk about what we did with the plans that day. All very fuzzy but again who knows what will happen. This group has never been one to shy away from an idea, certainly.

  4. What if teachers contributed their weekly or bi weekly schedules? e.g. “here is how I take my class through a reading, with a detailed description of every activity and assessment each day.” Keith Toda has done this on his blog, todallycomprehensiblelatin, and I found it to be very helpful in building up my arsenal, so to speak. Not what one COULD do, but what a particular teacher actually does over the course of a week or two.

  5. Jeffery Brickler

    I would much prefer in creating templates rather than lesson plans. For example, We create a template of activities for each step in the process. Step one, establish meaning: Hera are all the different things that I could do with that step, pqa, vpqa, tpr, word associations, one word image, etc. Step two: Story asking, movie talk, sentence frames, OWATS, etc. Step 3 reading; reading strategies, option a, option b, choral reading, read and discuss. Step 4 post reading/re-reading activities.
    I would also like a template to use for reading the authentic reading once we finished the structure building. I guess this step would be step 5 Novel reading/Authentic material reading. In this part we do the different reading options, spin off into other options, etc. I work better when I have templates and not plans. templates work, plans suck. Plans lock you into things. Templates are flexible and nimble. They can plug and play like on computers. We plug in a device and it works with any hardware.
    With templates, I can just look at a list from all the step one activities and choose one. No thought required. If it bombs, I just look at another step one template and try that. Same goes for all the other steps.

  6. General plans and activity sharing could be helpful; being too specific with structures and content, and I think across different languages differences will be too great. (Ex: I do not have any conjugation, agreement, or past tense, which affects so much.)

  7. Yeah I was thinking about the language differences and maybe they are too great, Diane.
    And Jeff it’s a good point about the templates. Everything you described we already have as templates here, as per that one post a few months ago about which strategies to use in each of the three steps which I included in my new book:
    Flow Chart
    There are lots of strategies presented in this book. Each one falls into at least one of the all-encompassing Three Steps of TPRS. That is, there’s a warm-up (Step 1) and a workout (Step 2) and a cool down (Step 3).
    I therefore organized those strategies into the easy reference flow chart on the next page. On any given day we should be able to do any one of the warm up Step 1 activities and then draw a line from it to any one of the work out Step 2 activities and then another line to any one of the cool down Step 3 activities. It’s kind of a generic lesson plan format.
    With this, we could plan lessons on the fly. Don’t know what you are doing tomorrow? Just refer to this chart – whatever you are doing, draw a line to one of the activities in the next column and do it. No thinking involved.
    Step One Activities
    Word Associations
    Circling with Balls
    One Word Images
    Word Chunk Team
    Look & Discuss
    Verb Slam Activity
    Three Ring Circus
    Visual PQA
    Class Poem
    Math Brakes
    Step Two Activities
    Super Mini Stories
    Listen and Draw
    Sentence Frames
    Movie Talk
    Special Chair
    Star of the Week
    Two Truths and a Lie
    Animal Parade
    Step 3 Activities
    Reading Option A
    Read and Discuss
    Running Dictation
    Tric a Quiz
    Free Writes
    But what I was getting at, and I agree that, if we even do it, it would have to be per language group, is to have a common weekly set of verbs that, say the CI French teachers in the group would target each week through the year, which would then require certain common strategy choices from the list above, etc. My wish would be to be able to compare notes through the weeks with somebody who that week was targeting the same stuff I was. Maybe it would be too difficult to organize.

    1. I was thinking of choosing 3 structures and finding things that would go with it. For example, the chicken or the egg movie talk. Combining it by choosing structures and building a 2 week lesson plan that could be used at any time of the year when it fits in each persons plans. I am inspired by a site She has built lessons by structure and created visuals and videos to go along with them. I have used her culture plan on schools and it went very well. Also her Day of the Dead lessons are amazing. This would not tie us down when or if it must be used but gives us more options. I believe the new visual pqa would fit in with this idea. I have visited the site of vpqa and am excited but I wondered if there is any video of someone using one.
      Also these plans,of course, could be altered to what fit our classes.
      Also to have sets using the super 7 which could be used at the beginning of the year. One thing that I plan to do more at the beginning is TPR and novel commands. Eric’s videos of these are brilliant. These could be built around TPR also.

      1. …I was thinking of choosing 3 structures and finding things that would go with it….
        That’s what I was thinking Melissa.
        There are no videos of vPQA. Maybe we can get some this summer because Julie is going to be working with me at iFLT. You are so right that it would be good to get some vPQA footage up here on the PLC in early August.
        I think many of us are going to be hitting the TPR hard this fall after all that good discussion about it a few months ago here.
        If nothing else, we can collaborate off the blog about stuff, Melissa. We don’t teach the same language, but it still might work in terms of how you described it above.

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