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9 thoughts on “FVR Survey”

  1. I’m about to post a blog article about FVR and surveying my students with these questions. I skipped over questions or expanded based on what the students said, and spent FVR time these past few weeks doing one-on-one interviews with each student — I have small classes.

    FVR Interview
    1. What books or stories have you read? Did you enjoy them? Which was a favorite?
    2. Did you remember to return any to the shelf if there were too many unfamiliar words, or the book or story wasn’t interesting to you? (If you did so, which books or stories got returned to the shelf?
    3. What are you reading now? Tell me about it.
    4. Are there any books we need more copies of, or topics or kinds of stories you’d enjoy reading?
    5. Look at your reading log. How much time and how many books or stories have you read on your own already this year? Let’s celebrate that progress.
    6. What are your next steps in reading? For example: finding something to read that suits you better, or trying a new way of reading (such as quietly reading aloud with a classmate or two), or sharing a book commercial or a favorite scene with the class?

      1. I was also expecting more complaining from the kids. I got a bit from the kids that just want class to be social hour all the time, but it was WAY less than I thought. After reading the results my conclusion was to buy more level 1 readers because they enjoyed the reading but felt it was a little bit too hard.

        I’m glad that most of the kids 81% found that the reading was worthwhile.

        1. I agree Jeff about how the kids should always be presented with simpler readers than what we have been doing. I have suggested that we always ask our students to “read down” so that in level 1 they read only their class-created stories, with no novels except perhaps some of those super-ultra carefully constructed ones that Carol produces because they are so well built and so simple, far simpler than what we used to consider a simple level 1 reader. Then at level 2 they can read the what we used to think of as the level 1 readers. But since this is FVR, the faster processors can read anything they want. They can read Carmen if they want. Nothing is holding them back from choosing books at that or higher levels. What this does is allow the slower processors a fair chance to not feel as if they can’t read, even if they just pick up Reading A-Z books during their first year. This makes them want to stay in the program. Nothing causes kids to drop a class more than the feeling that they can’t do the work in it.

          By the way, you wrote comment #50,001 but since you only missed it by one you get the lifetime blog membership and all the books too. Congratulations!

  2. Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg

    I’ve never heard of Los Vecinos. Is it for sale? What level and what’s it about? Always on the lookout for super simple readings…

  3. Oh, it’s one I wrote but I’m not publishing it because I’m afraid of failure. TPRS pub told me they’d buy it and let people read it for free. Never offered any exact sum, though. Plus it’s short and probably not simple enough.

  4. Alisa Shapiro

    We finished Carol’s new prequel to Brandon…Dog (it’s called BB Tells the Truth) right before break. We went back to school today and I asked for some feedback about it. Aside from their great ideas about plot line (they wanted scenes in places other than in the house/on the couch; they wanted Brandon’s friend Jake to be in it again) they confided something that left me kinda shocked: Many of the kids (4th grade) prefer that I read the book to them, rather than reading it independently. This isn’t their words, but I ascertained that many just didn’t have the ‘voice in their heads” yet. I din’t do much pre reading prep (prescreening the words for intentional exposure) or chapter ‘processing’ either – (it starts to feel like horse beating, ya know?) and now I’m really rethinking the novel reading! But they loved BB wants a Dog last year!
    I will experiment with reading chapter books aloud and see how it goes – all eyes on text. Sigh.

    1. The strength I see in chapter books is that admin sees you doing something that they know has educational value. You can write it into a curriculum. When I write up my curriculum, these novels are the only part that I’m certain the admin will agree with. When I talk about “winging it” with untargeted stories or even scripted stories, they will have a hard time.

      Another thing is that it is a nice break from having to create the stories every day. Especially with 9th and 10th graders.

      Realize that I’m not saying it’s as valuable as storytelling.

  5. Martina Bex is starting a new Literary E-Zine for students and is looking for contributions.


    Deadline for this issue is Friday 10/20/17

    We should contribute our Invisibles and One Word Image stories!

    It’s a great idea…even though she says it is only for students to read OUTSIDE of class. I am going to get some nice binders (about 6-7) and print it out and put it in plastics where it can be part of my SSR library.

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