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8 thoughts on “Dream”

  1. It’s praxis, yo. And in Paulo Freire’s words, “reflection and action upon the world in order to transform it.” “Through praxis, oppressed people can acquire a critical awareness of their own condition, and, with their allies, struggle for liberation.” One of the beautiful things about this blog is that we are constantly in a state of praxis because we are not only doing our work but reflecting upon it at the same time. And the fact that you are dreaming about it means that you’re really internalizing these shifts in your practice and that you need a hobby. No, just kidding. (Maybe it’s because of all the driving me around you did!) I admire your supreme dedication-it inspires me to keep examining my practice and looking at it from all angles.

  2. In my class (the one we’ve recently been talking about in “Question on Sharing the Method”) we have to read articles every week, provided by the professor, but every other week we choose an article to read and share with the class. I shared a Beniko Mason article today and I could tell by looking at my professor that it was reaching her, she was definitely thinking about what she was hearing from me.

  3. I’ll tell Beniko. She’s here until next month, back and forth and she may get a professorship at Colorado State University. Our study is flailing, however. Why is the study in trouble? Everytime a teacher accepts the study in a traditional control role, when she finds it is to get numbers on TPRS, they quit. It’s driving Diana nuts. We’ve lost five now. We are aiming for next year.

    1. Has Diana pursued the question, why they withdraw? It would be easy for us to speculate and come up with all sorts of reasons that make TPRS look wonderful, but the best thing is to find out from the people who change their minds. One real possibility is that they are afraid that the study is skewed against them and not objective. (I know, I wasn’t going to speculate.)

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head. Three of the teachers were from the district and they know which way the wind is blowing anyway, since for five years now all our district end of year assessments are totally CI based. That was all Diana could find in the district. The she tried Columbine High with their big ten member department and that failed, and then we went to Aurora and after a week the one teacher we had line up there bailed out. Then I brought up the idea of reaching out to teachers y’all might know, but Diana said it would be too hard to monitor. So here we are with one of the top researchers on the planet on language accquisition who is ready to do a totally impartial study and we got nothin’ so far. It’s too late now, state testing is about to hit. I feel the THUD already.

  5. That sucks big time. I hope something happens over there to let the studies happen. I think we need it. We know TPRS works but we need the hard evidence, in the form of respected research, to convince administrators, politicians, etc. Plus, I’ve found the articles that Beniko has put on her website to be really good reads. If you haven’t read them yet, I highly recommend it. Plus, they’ve been put to really good use in my Research and Theory in FL Education class.

  6. Why does Research always lead in the the titles of classes ie. Research and Theory in FL Education? shouldn’t it be the other way around?

    What child learned to speak their target language with reading and writing first? Observation teaches us that aquistion comes from hearing, testing through baby speech, mistakes, correction, and then respeaking. We don’t learn to read or write for a long time afterwards. Shoot whole communities of people are illiterate (reading and writing) but speak and communicate well.

    I’ve struggled a long time with how to write Mvskoke in the “now proper” way. I’ve wrangled with the elongation of the last vowel before the verb stem when it is . . . But when I hear it, I can do it. And then I can actually write it down correctly.

    I wish Diana well in finding teachers that truly understand how our little pea brains work and are willing to play the game so we can get some research done.

    Are the teachers trying to learn the method of TPRS while they are being studied? There might be a reason for their affective filters to go up. We never want anyone to point to us as being less than what we know we are capable of being in a study. So much is at stake today in how we receive pay as teachers.

    Could a study be done in the week of iFLT? or a camp of students built during the summer where no outcomes of testing rigors from the system be stopping teachers from just using TPRS?

  7. We are going to have results from the Beniko study. I have two traditional Spanish teachers who have been on board from the beginning. The problem came with the DPS traditional French teacher who agreed at first and then withdrew when he read the story that Anne wrote. He said that he doesn’t use storytelling and did not know how to go about teaching the story. Fear…..

    We still have one traditional French teacher who is no match for Ben or Paul. But she agreed and she is a hard-working, well-intentioned teacher.

    For this study we will not have the numbers of students in French that we have in Spanish but nevertheless, we have assessments – pre and post- and there will be data. I have recruited students from a local university to score the assessments and they are very excited about participating. Beniko has been so positive and enthused by all that she is experiencing during her stay in Denver and I feel privileged to learn from her as well as show her what we are doing here to promote TCI. BTW…she has taught the students of one of our Japanese teachers on a couple of occasions. This was a new experience for us but she enjoyed it! Stay tuned….

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