David Talone

Here is an insight into why we want these bios. We have read a lot from Dave since he joined us recently, but now we get to know where he is and stuff like that:

I suppose I am one of those new, unknown, faces on here who has been posting without first introducing myself to the group.  I am a Spanish and Latin teacher at Providence Day School in Charlotte, NC.  It is a 1500 student pre-k to 12 private school, where I am lucky enough to have about 15-20 students per class.   Stepping back, I am a language nerd.  A geek who loves to take language apart, gaze at it from a million different angles and share that knowledge with poor unsuspecting students.  I studied 4 years of Latin in high school – thriving in the old-school grammar-translation model enough to major in it in college at Williams.  I also studied Spanish in high school but learned next to nothing, and certainly couldn’t speak or remember anything once I left.  For 8 years I taught Latin, moving gradually from pure grammar-translation towards the “reading approach”.  I suppose once or twice I used TPR in elementary level classes, but I certainly never imagined that I could or would be speaking Latin in the classroom.

Burned out of teaching Latin here in the states, I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to experience more of the world and, nominally, to teach English while there.  When I moved there, I spoke no Spanish.  I learned a lot about communicative style instruction in the foreign language classroom while doing a CELTA there and also through my teaching. My Spanish improved by constant exposure, weekly classes, and a daily habit of reading the most interesting parts of the paper Clarin.  I ended up spending 3 years teaching in Medellín, Colombia – marrying my wife there, and at the end of it all speaking quite good Spanish.

Since I have come back to the States I have been trying to find the best way to reach students while throwing the grammar book out the window.  Absolute immersion didn`t work so well last year, so after buying and reading Asher’s original TPR book, some works of Krashen,  Blaine’s green bible, and TPRS in a Year!, I tried throwing in some TPRS last spring to mixed results.  The summer workshop I took in Philadelphia really helped push me even farther into TPRS.  I had no intention of actually trying to do full-on TPRS style instruction in Latin, yet that is where I find myself two weeks into the school year.

Thanks to everyone for creating the vibrant community which I am entering!






3 thoughts on “David Talone”

  1. Welcome (officially), Dave!

    Your colleague in TPRS,
    The Hungry Cat
    (PS. I also remembered we were grouped together in the circling practice at the workshop and you were so enthusiastic, it was catching! Glad to get to know you more here.)

  2. Salve Dave!

    I taught Latin for about 4 years in the old way until I began transitioning to TPRS. Like you, before that I also couldn’t imagine myself speaking Latin and doing TPRS either. And of course now l can’t imagine myself teaching any other way. Welcome and thanks for the bio and the recent posts!

    David Maust

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