Anne Matava – I Can Run Faster Than You

Today we begin the Pleiades guest blogging group. The line-up:


Sunday – Matava
Monday – Laurie Clarcq
Tuesday – Jim Tripp
Wednesday – Thomas Young
Thursday – Michele Whaley
Friday – Bryce Hedstrom
Saturday – Jody Noble


Grant Boulanger and others and I will rogue blogue, so on any given day you may find other blogs in addition to those listed above. This helps me with time issues, for which I am thankful. Also, when somebody like Jennifer posts something like her recent comment that has sparked so much discussion, we want it to be in blog form so it doesn’t get scrolled into the tangle of past comments, but can be categorized and then searched for and maybe even found.


So, drum roll please, the first in this new series, from the Girl In Maine:


Here is a story script tailor-made for your student athletes.  In the third location, be sure to encourage great creativity–one student can sing better than the other, or squeal more loudly, or kick more prettily.  In one class we had a boy who claimed to be better at picking up girls.


For extra added fun, you can have the class be the judges in the third paragraph.  I had each of the actors do the action, one at a time, after which the members of the class held up papers with scores on them, scale of 1 to 10, like an ice skating competition. I looked over the scores carefully, but of course I knew going in to it that Fred would come out on top.


I Can Run Faster Than You
possible key phrases:
can run faster than
can jump higher than
while running (jumping)
falls down
lands on
 that hurts!
Bill and Fred are training for ultimate frisbee Bill says to Fred, “I can run faster than you!”  Fred says, “No, I can run faster than you!”  They run.  Bill runs 5 kilometers in 3.4 secondsFred runs 5 kilometers in 3.5 days.  While running, Fred falls down and lands on his elbow.  “That hurts!” he says.
Bill says to Fred, “I can jump higher than you!”  Fred says, “No, I can jump higher than you!”  They jump.  Bill jumps 12 meters high.  Fred jumps 1 millimeter.  While jumping, Fred falls down and lands on his eyebrow.  “That hurts!” he says.
Bill says to Fred, “I can do the hokey pokey better than you.”  Fred says, “No, I can do the hokey pokey better than you.”  They do the hokey pokey.  Fred can do it much better than Bill.  Bill can run faster and jump higher, but Fred can do the hokey pokey much better.



5 thoughts on “Anne Matava – I Can Run Faster Than You”

  1. OT: I am looking for the comment that explains talks about the “special chair” sorry, I was going to go back and read more carefully and now can’t find it…
    Does anyone remember where it is???
    I think it Jennifer or Jody??
    sorry but I think I would like to try this?

  2. It was Jody under “Jason Kohl.”
    Anne, I’m so glad you’re in the guest blogger program! I can use this story in a couple of weeks. Some of my students will appreciate it super-much. I’m looking foward to hearing your insights on teaching.

  3. It’s funny how some ideas just fall into place! I was thinking about the target structures for this story in Spanish–one of them being “me duele” (it hurts). That reminded me that Señor Wooly ( has a song “Me duele”, so I decided to teach that song this week to work up the vocab for the story. It has a silly video to go with it. Then I found Santana’s “Corazón espinado” which has “cómo me duele el amor”. Perfect! There’s two weeks of songs all ready to go! Woo hoo! Thanks for this great story!!!!!

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