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47 thoughts on “Chicago”

  1. I think you are right, Sabrina, about national conferences. They are just too much expense, time away from family, etc. and so meetings like the one you hosted today – and thank you for doing that – may be the model for the future.

    I would like to add a note I got from Kevin here. It made me very happy:

    Ben –

    I just wanted to shoot you a quick word of thanks for all the work you do, but especially for the herculean task of maintaining the PLC. If not for the online community, I never would have had the opportunity to meet the wonderful group of other CI teachers earlier today. I know that this group is going to be an invaluable resource for myself in the coming months/years. Here’s to the growing tide, in Illinois and the world over!


  2. Sabrina you are WONDERFUL!!! That was GREAT to have gotten your group together! I am so thankful for finding Skip and for him telling me about THIS group (PLC). I have made such great friends here on the PLC and in Maine (thanks to Skip’s conference) and also thanks to the small get togethers we are trying to have every few months to keeps the fires burning!! 🙂
    The collaboration is such a great “shot in the arm”; the feeling that you are not in this alone; the ability to share ideas, commiserate with each other, rejoice in accomplishments together, LAUGH together! As my sister says, (a retired elem. teacher) “Teaching is the loneliest profession. You work in isolation all day (in your room) with children, with no other adult interaction, except for Administration-mandated meetings. Collaboration has been taken away in our school buildings, so has the fun and laughter among adults.”
    So, these get togethers are wonderful — they truly inspire and remind me WHY I do this!!! (and it’s NOT for summer vacations!! ~~except for the opportunity they lend to me going to the National conferences :-} )
    Thanks again Sabrina!! See you next week in San Diego.

  3. Sabrina, Merci!!!
    Great idea to offer being eyes, ears and heart of the conferences. I am suddenly really depressed that I am not going. What was I thinking? I guess I was so overwhelmed this spring that I couldn’t picture the year being over. Ever. And now that it is, I am kind of in shock and feeling like I made the wrong decision. Feeling lost and out of the loop.

    Anyway, I will be happy to hear whatever anyone shares. I am especially curious about Reuben, a DPS superhero who uses zero L1 from the start. Met him ever so briefly last year, literally flying by on a bike with Ben, but it made a huge impression on me to learn that he just never uses English, ever, from day 1. So that is my only specific request. I know that it will all be so amazing! Thanks again for offering to bring this back to us.

    <3 🙂 Jen

    1. Jen,

      Thank you very much for that order. How would you like it cooked, rear, medium or well done? Let me know and we’ll be sure to bring it back here cooked to your satisfaction. You know us French frogs: we take pride in our foods, whether it is the kind for sustenance or the one for the intellect!

      I got you covered Jen, and that Reuben guy was also on my list so I will take care of that personally.

      I am very sad that you cannot make it to the conference in SD but I know I will see you in October at Skip’s conference, and may be you can still make it to Dallas???

  4. Diana is filming a lot of the sessions for DPS teachers. I will write to her and put in that request on Reuben and then try to get permission to put some video of him up here for you.

    I am thinking, jen, that no conferences many be a good thing. The effort to get there is so great. You are not new. My belief is that once the initial training is over (Circling and the other basics), then this work becomes the property of each teacher to turn it into what they will, and conferences are less important than your own work in your own classroom.

    I am not saying conferences don’t help, but I think the training is finally moving to the regional level as personified by what the Chicago group did yesterday. I see us thinking globally but acting locally. I talked to Sabrina this morning and she told me she was so taken with the people she met yesterday that she sees a lot of good things happening regularly up there, with lots of teaching each other languages and all of it on a dime. I see myself flying up there on the short two and a half hour flight and getting involved with that group on a regular basis.

    Anyway, jen, my intuition says rest and Sabrina and I will commit to making sure that we get sufficient training to you later on this summer. Our big goal this summer, after last year, has got to be to relax and recharge.

    Dude, you’re in New Hampshire. Is there a better place to rest than right there in the summer green heavens? In college I was a camp counselor at Camp Pemigewasset near Upper Baker Pond up the road from Dartmouth and I remember those summers. Dude.

    1. jen I followed up with Diana and she said that since Reuben is teaching younger kids in San Diego she won’t film. He’s only ever taught high school kids.

      But I think what he does is not hard to imagine. I have seen it. He just keeps talking in French. Like the kids are all French or something.

      Personally, I would think it impossible if I hadn’t seen it. The gains, not surprisingly, are the highest in DPS.

      I could never do it, I know that.

  5. It’s not really about the training, but about the tribe. I just get so energized being around y’all in real life. But anyway, thank you for supporting me in my lost-ness! Yes, I am in NH and must get to the mountains tout de suite before I lose it.

    The Chicago thing sounds epic! It is a quick flight for me as well, and I love Chicago cheesy popcorn 🙂 oh and Sabrina too, bien sûr! This post reminds me that I want to seek out some local peeps here. I just have to do it. No more excuses about how I don’t know anyone. I don’t, and so I have no clue if there are even any TPRS / TCI -ers in this state. I am pretty alone out here doing my thing, but I have a few leads I could start tracking. Even just put something casual together, like a peer collaboration group or something.

    Separate subject but a qualitative observation from last week: I chaperoned a group of 20 kids on a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. It’s just an end-of-year trip, very mellow and fun. The kids were great, no drama! There was a lot of French / Spanish random banter on this trip. Just different things like a 9th grade girl (barometer) calling someone a “coureur” (“player”); a tenth grader plugging her ipod into the van radio and blasting Tal, “Sens de la vie” and singing with her pals at the top of their lungs; also she brought a speaker for her ipod to play it on the beach, and her playlists included quite a few tunes in French. A junior from my level 4 Spanish was sharing earbuds/ ipod with a Spanish exchange student, translating lyrics. Reeally funny—the Spanish kid would sing a line and the other kid would say it in English. Like, just for fun and because he could. And for no particular audience. And just a lot of spontaneous exclamations and kids bursting into French or Spanish. This is a 180 from the days where if I accidentally / spontaneously said something in a language I would get the evil eye and “school is over, I don’t have to speak Spanish” kind of thing. So this makes me think I am on the right path even though it is very curvy and bumpy.

    On the way back from this trip, a few ninth grade boys were telling really dumb silly jokes. Everyone was punchy and tired and really hot riding in the van. All of a sudden the Spanish kid says “now I’m gonna tell you one in Spanish.” And he launches into this joke. At his normal speed, not slowing down at all. But he is telling it to a boy who speaks French, so the other kid from my level 2 Spanish is fricking interpreting the joke as it is being told. Like a UN interpreter, not missing a beat. Blew me away! Like it was the most natural and obvious thing to him to simply translate a joke at full speed Spanish from a native speaker so that the other kid would get it! The kid is ADHD and he is also very short / small for his age and so gets pegged as “the dumb small kid.” I noticed in my class that he was kind of a superstar with listening comprehension, which I think was refreshing for him to not struggle in a class. It made me so happy to witness this that I wrote to his parents when I got back!

    1. Robert Harrell

      Jen, that is a great story about the trip and the way your students were interacting with each other and the language(s). As students have these kinds of experiences and know what learning a language can be like, they will have less tolerance of methods that are boring and unproductive.

      BTW, I am currently in Stuttgart with students from two California high schools. My students are seeing that they can use their German and asking questions that tell me they want to communicate. Of course, they are also a little shy because most of the Germans they are around speak excellent English. Still, the exposure to the language in its natural setting is great.

    2. The national conferences are also hard for me to attend, but I would love to attend a regional get-together! You mentioned visiting Martha’s Vineyard, so I had to pipe in: I work at Edgartown Elementary on MV and I am a TCI/TPRS Spanish teacher. This year was my first year, but I’ve already caught the attention of one high school teacher who is taking steps towards TCI. I am in Honduras until August 28th, but please, let me know the next time you visit MV or the next opportunity to get together regionally. 🙂

      1. Eric —
        Why don’t you come to Maine Oct. 10 and 11 (and 12th!) the wonderful Laurie Clarcq will be there teaching us about Embedded Reading and Assessment and other things, and we will be having a “roundtable” discussion, and coaching and MORE!!!
        Post your email here and Skip will send you a flyer (Skip puts on this Maine TCI Conference. It is AWESOME!!! and the hotels nearby are VERY reasonable!!!!) It’s a long weekend anyway!

  6. I don’t think we can know the impact we have. It certainly is greater than we think. Real instruction coupled with encouragement and kindness, avoiding sending the message to the kids that they can be wrong, letting the comprehensible input flood the room, these things add up. Whereas most traditionally trained kids do in fact send out to us the “school is over, I don’t have to speak Spanish” message. So yes, good things are happening. We busted our butts last year and it is paying off. Nobody said that the process of becoming real is easy.

    1. “Whereas most traditionally trained kids do in fact send out to us the “school is over, I don’t have to speak Spanish” message. So yes, good things are happening.”

      I saw a student yesterday at the grocery store with his mom and he greeted me as “magister,” the Latin word for teacher. Later that night I drank a Long Island Iced Tea. Summer is good.

  7. It was tremendously fun to meet with the other teachers yesterday! I thought it was really cool that among the 7 of us, we taught 5 different languages. I echo Kevin’s comments to you, Ben. This PLC has been such a great resource for me. I just recommended it to several TPRS teachers at a classroom management one-day conference I attended today.

    Sabrina – I met another CPS French teacher doing TPRS! She jumped into it last school year. She wants to meet with us next time. I told her about you and our group and she plans to email you through your CPS email address (and she was so happy to hear there’s another French teacher teaching this way). I also saw another Chinese teacher I know, who I learned also switched to TPRS in the past couple years… I’d like to invite her to next time, too.

    1. Diane,

      This is great news and thank you so much for recruiting more teachers!
      We need to market ourselves and be visible to the rest of academia and people in our field as a force that WILL NOT GO AWAY. The larger our group becomes, the more vocal we can become, the faster we can bring about change and make a difference for kids.

      Change will happen a school, a district, a city, a region, a state, a country, a continent at a time, but the more people we can enlist as spokespeople for our kids (the guardians of our future), the faster we become meaningful and powerful.

      Diane, I am so happy we are so on the same page, it’s unbelievable. That was the happy thought I took away from our meeting. Although we teach different languages in different schools, to different age groups and grades, there was a constant common thread that unites us. What a symbiotic group we form. I think this PLC is rubbing off on us. I feel as if we (members of this blog) have definitely become a CI sub-culture of our own.

      I too join you and Mb and everyone else in thanking Ben for providing a vision that we all embrace, and for maintaining some sort of order here despite us riding through this chaotic wave in education.

      Thank you for looking into going into your school next time we meet, that is a great idea, but if it doesn’t work out we have other options.

      Lastly, I’m eager for that French teacher to contact me. Besides Bernard Rizotto who is also a member of this PLC, and teaches in another state, I do not know of any other French native speaker teaching French using CI. That is sweet music to my ears.

      Please do take a look at the links, and sorry I didn’t include them in my email b/c there were already posted here. Let Ben or I know what session would be of interest to you. We’ll make sure to find coverage for it, with our undercover agents, and get back with a report here!

      Enjoy the rest of your summer despite this weird weather we’re having up here and looking forward to meeting again in August.

  8. Sabrina and Ben: let Jen and I know when you have that Chicago conference, and we’ll fly on out to attend!!!! (we actually flew back from Breckenridge together last year — same plane!!! and we had met each other in Breckenridge! Now we’re buds!!!)
    @Jen…I am all “in” for get togethers — Skip wants to have more; we can plan on having some over here in Western Maine so you can attend more easily. 🙂 But, you are STILL invited to observe me ANY time!!! Thanks again for letting me observe YOU — it helped me tremendously!!

    1. Just a reminder that WE HAVE SET A DATE FOR THE NEXT PEER COACHING SESSION. It will be on August 22 at the same location (USM – Lewiston Auburn College) in room 107 from 9-3. We would love to have as many attend as possible!

      I am pretty sure I shared here about our spring peer coaching meeting but I am going to post it again just because Sabrina did and much of what I wrote (a few days after we met) is very similar to what she shared…

      A group of five of us met at the USM/LA campus this past Saturday. I think I can safely speak for the entire group that we went away refreshed, encouraged and excited about some new things that we learned and can take to our classrooms.

      Dennis Gallagher demonstrated movie talk. A huge light bulb came on for me. Movie talk is a VERY powerful way to deliver CI and stay in the target language. Many thanks to Dennis for sharing this with us.

      Personally I was able to finally understand the “3 ring circus” and the “word chunking activities”. My thanks to the group for helping me hash those out.

      Mary Beth and Andrea shared very cool websites with us called “5 a day hula” and “5 a day disco” which we all agreed would be fabulous brain breaks during a lesson….

      Other equally useful ideas were shared as well.

      WE HAVE SET A DATE FOR THE NEXT PEER COACHING SESSION. IT WILL BE ON August 22 at the same location in room 107 from 9-3.

      I am more passionate than ever about this peer coaching thing. There is SO much that we can learn together and get better doing by practicing together. The primary objective is to help us become more effective at delivering CI to our students. I benefited greatly from our session on Saturday and would give a warm invitation to all to join us in August. By then many of us will have attended national conferences, will feel very regenerated and should have LOTS to share.

      Thanks and I wish everyone a great end to the school year.

  9. and….I will reiterate what Skip said …..our peer coaching session was AWESOME!! In fact, part of why Sabrina wanted to have one because she keeps hearing such wonderful things about us getting together up here in Maine!!! (so Skip — you are SO influential!! haha)
    and other folks in other parts of the country: you, too, can organize one of these grassroots efforts! it seems difficult at first, but it’s going to be the best way to get this moving forward. The National Conferences are amazing, but they are also quite cost-prohibitive for some too!!! Let’s strive together and help each other put on these great local conferences/peer coaching sessions so folks can learn more and not get discouraged. I am sure that Ben would not mind people on here just throwing out that they are from “___________” and would like to have a local session, please respond to “email”, and from there, discuss, set a date, and post on moreTPRS too. It CAN happen! M
    @Ben: maybe you can set up a category entitled “Local Gatherings” and break it up by state or region where folks can post to that? just a thought.

  10. Thank you for offering to report from sessions. This would be of great help. I belong to those not able to come over to the United States for a conference or meeting. But at least I will meet some of you this summer in France.
    From IFLT, I’d be interested to hear from the following sessions:
    Embedded reading in action, Managing the TPRS classroom, Novel ideas for Providing COMPELLING Input, Building Fluency in Upper Levels through Literature Circles, and Authentic resources and strategies for upper- level French.
    From NTPRS: Classroom Nuts and Bolts – Real-life suggestions for the real-life classroom – Donna Tatum-Johns and Lisa Reyes / Reading Strategies for the Language Classroom — Carol Gaab / TPRS: The Next Steps— Michael Miller.
    I am eager to hear from you later in the summer.

  11. Seminars I’m most interested in are double-starred. Thanks!

    Brain Breaks -Fun ways to invigorate and refocus students! – Scott Benedict
    Music, the Worm on the Hook! – Leverage Your Students’ Love for Music! – Lisa Reyes
    PAT Activities that Work – Productive, Fun and Comprehensible Games as a Reward for Positive Behavior Bryce Hedstrom and Gerry Wass
    ** Reading Strategies for the Language Classroom — Carol Gaab
    Reading Strategies and Materials – Stimulating Students to Drive Instruction — Mira Canion

    Embedded Reading in Action Laurie Clarcq
    Geography, Culture and CI in the Elementary Language Classroom Allison Litten
    ** Novel ideas for Providing COMPELLING Input Carol Gaab
    Turning Chinese Textbooks into Fun Stories Using TPRS Method Nini Nam
    How Brain Science Can Improve Our Instructional Approach to Reading Mira Canion
    ** Using Role-Playing and Improvisation theatre strategies to deepen Reading Comprehension and Language Acquisition Mary Holmes

  12. Are there other KIPP teachers here? I’m going to the KIPP School Summit at the end of July in Las Vegas and Blaine Ray is teaching a workshop for us. I can’t make the San Diego conference because I have to teach KIPP Summer School, but at least I can attend something useful at Summit.

    Additionally, any other DC (or DC-region) teachers here? A colleague of mine in DCPS is starting a Meetup group and we’re looking for more potential members. So far we have about 10 interested people, I’d love to include anyone on here interested! It would probably be an informal, once-a-month “PD” type experience where experienced teachers share resources, activities, and tips with those looking for more TPRS/CI information.

  13. Who all is going to Dallas? I am! So look for me! Would love to meet as many people as possible :). I had meant to request this information earlier about who was going, but it slipped my mind with all the reading and relaxing and yoga I’ve been doing, haha. Anyway, looking forward to it :). See you there!

    1. Great! Once I check-in tomorrow, I’ll try to post the sessions I’ll be going to. I’m staying with my grandparents in Wylie, TX, which is 45 minutes from Dallas, but I’m sure we can figure out how to meet up sometime! If we don’t just run into each other :). Looking forward to it!

    1. Hi Kirstin

      Mb and I are on our way to Dallas from Austin right now.
      We’ ll be at the hotel around 1 Am.
      I m also going to the workshop tomorrow but I don t know where it is being held at. I emailed Lisette to no avail.
      If you know can you call me at 630 849 9423. I don t know what time it starts either. Thank you.
      Looking forward to meeting you!

      1. I am here in dallas as well and would love to meet up. My cell is 704 421 0004 and i would love to hear from people as i am flying solo here.

        1. Sabrina Sebban-Janczak

          Hi everyone,

          Whoever is in Dallas and part of this blog, let’s meet up and put a face on each other’s name. I suggest we meet up tomorrow after all the exhibitors reception ( 530 ish) in the hotel lounge by the reception and we can go for a drink and chat.
          Text/call me at 630 849 9423 if you need to, but let s plan on getting together then , OK?

          1. Sabrina Sebban-Janczak

            If you can’t reach me, text Mb at 207 651 0520. We are rooming together along with Charlotte Dincher.

        1. Andrea Westphal

          I, too, am super jealous. I so need a recharge right now. I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through another year of crappy CI. I’ve contimated throwing in the white flag and reverting back to a text book. Please convince me otherwise!!!!

          1. Don’t do it, Andrea! It’s worth it to keep trying. “Crappy” CI is still better than the alternatives and every improvement you learn and incorporate makes it even better.

            Sounds like you wanted some reassurance… I hope that helps. I believe it.

          2. I echo what Diane said. And I believe that the answer to crappy CI is simplified speech and attention to the rules. As long as the kids understand our input, we are doing our job. And also rethink the role of reading in your comprehension based program. If you consider yourself crappy at auditory CI – and we all do on some level – just get them reading. It is just as valid if not more so as auditory input. Reading input, in fact (the study hasn’t been done yet but I could see us doing it in Denver Public Schools), probably results in higher gains than auditory input. Last year my kids read a lot more and their scores were higher. So Andrea reading is one place to bail to with R & D and Compact R & D (see categories) being big hitters for all of us. Courage!

  14. Sabrina Sebban-Janczak

    Hi everyone,

    Just a little update. Yesterday a few members of our PLC got together after the afternoon sessions. MB, Skip, David Talone, David Young, Eric Spindler, Robert from Hong Kong, Jerry, and myself got to put faces on names after a year (for some of us and longer for others) of online collaboration on this blog. It was just wonderful! To me that is the nicest part about the conference, seeing all of you guys and connecting face to face, even if happens once a year, it is soooo worth it to me. We missed all of you who weren’t able to make it and talked about how happy we are to be part of Ben’s family of like-minded teachers, and how knowledgeable we all are because of this blog.

    To our surprise and delight, Ben happened to call me and we were able to
    talk to him for a bit and that was awesome. We even took a PLC group picture . I’ll ask Ben to upload it.

    Then we decided we’d have a coaching session a la Ben. I asked David Talone if he would do a demo in Latin. He graciously accepted and off we went. David worked tirelessly for a couple of hours. We coached him and it was inspiring.

    We all acquired some Latin, learned about his style and how we all are different and the same, what we wanted to steal from him, and it informed us about our practice as well.
    Thank you David! You rock.

    From the front here. I appologize but I left my charger in San Diego so I wasn’t able to film as I wanted to. But today I used Mb’s Ipad and I ‘ve got 30 minutes of Readers Theatre I filmed . I have Carol’s permission to put it on the blog. Once things settle down a bit, I’ll upload it onto my vimeo account and password protect it, and let people from the blog access it.

    I am sure many of us will have many wonderful reports from the field to share with you but right now I am on overload mode and I can’t think of anything so we’ll save it for later.

    I also have at least 2 hours of Ben Coaching in San Diego that I will upload as well.

    Hope you are all having a restful summer and look forward to starting our work for next year again soon…..

  15. I would love to hear about the Chicago conference as well. I’m only 50 min. away by air.
    Also, super jealous of those getting together at the conferences this summer as well. I needed to recharge here in Minnesota (spent a week on the shores of Lake Superior) this July. But, I can feel the energy being generated from here. Awesome.
    Thanks for your work, Ben. I think we have hit critical mass with this movement.

  16. Thank you Sabrina for doing all that organizing work. I can’t say I’m missing NTPRS, because I’ve done two conferences every summer until now for many years and it really is exhausting. I really admire all those who have done two conferences this summer, like Robert Allen Hong Kong and Charlotte Wall Zoo Germany and others.

    We need to start up again soon and I think we should start by talking about what our priorities are going to be. I know we have some new people reading here. We should address what they are facing so that is definitely going to be a thread here starting in a week or so.

    New group members please note three things:

    1. Read articles in the Beginning the Year category and respond in the comment fields with ANY questions you have. This PLC has not done enough for new people in the past and it is one of my biggest priorities for this year.
    2. Introduce yourselves to the group. To do that, write a bio and send it to me at and I will post it. For sample bios, click on “Group Members – Bios” in the categories here and share something like what you read there. As you get to know us, you will see that everything we do operates on a foundation of trust, so the bios are necessary. The trust allows us to be more vulnerable, which leads to more honesty, which makes better teachers out of us because we can speak openly about our successes as well as the more hellish aspects of our jobs, and when we do that, we get incredible support from group members.
    3. Note that with people traveling there is an annoying feature of the PLC software that locks group members out if it detects use in different places. I have tried to stop it from doing that but have failed. So just email me if anyone gets locked out and I will fix it easily.

    We have a lot of work to do. So start thinking of threads you want to explore this year. We even have a category started on this topic of threads for 2013-2014 – it is called “2013-2014 Threads”.

  17. I wanted to add to this post, in case someone reads here in the future while looking for others in the Chicago area who teach with CI, that we are now a larger group and plan to meet on a quarterly (or so) basis. Our next time will be on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving (not sure of that date) in Winnetka, Illinois hosted by teachers there. Please contact me ( or Eric Spindler ( also in the PLC for more info.

    It’s grown beyond those in this PLC now (though we made sure to let others know of this incredible resource of teachers) and I now am convinced that CI teachers are some of the best people to spend time with. I thought our last meeting was a blast. That was August 17, 2013. We had a lot of great discussion, question & answer, a few demos followed by mild peer coaching and/or q & a. For me it helped me resolve some issues I’d had for a year with certain aspects of teaching Chinese, and it was awesome. I was not ready for the school year before that.

  18. I just saw that “Chicago” is a category! So I’ll post here about the meeting of CI/TPRS teachers coming up in just a few days, in the hopes that anyone new in the Chicago area will see this. I posted in the Forum last week, too.

    Next gathering will take place in Chicago, hosted by Sean Lawler at his school. Thanks, Sean! (We have some others volunteers to host for future gatherings, too, which is excellent. Hopefully we’ll be meeting quarterly…)

    Saturday, November 23, 2013 10:30am – 2:30pm
    You may bring a lunch and/or we’ll order out from nearby restaurants.

    As a general plan, we’ll organize discussion and sharing around the 3 Steps of TPRS:
    Step 1: Establishing meaning, PQA, and other techniques for aural input on new target structures.
    Step 2: Story-asking and other techniques to promote high interest and auditory input. (Including brief demonstration of Look & Discuss by Diane Neubauer)
    Step 3: Reading and techniques to develop reading comprehension. (Including demonstration of “Reading Option A” by Sean Lawler)

    Please bring questions and successful ideas to share. We may break into smaller groups to address specific needs of individual languages or age groups we teach if there is interest. Towards the end of the time for those wishing to stay, there may be opportunity for informal, supportive coaching. If you have an aspect of teaching you would like to demonstrate and get others’ feedback about, please consider sharing then so we can help one another.

    Hope to see you then. ~ Diane Neubauer

    Location details:

    Chicagoland’s CI PLC

    Address: Crane High School Campus / 2245 W. Jackson Blvd. / Chicago, IL., 60612

    Host: Sean Lawler / cell: 312-945-9162 / Please don’t hesitate to call me.

    Note: We have 3 small schools in one building; Crane Tech HS, Chicago Talent Develop HS, and Crane Medical Prep HS. I teach at Chicago Talent Development HS.

    Parking: Please park on Jackson Blvd, alongside the school, or in the school parking lot located on the opposite side of the football field, adjacent to Leavitt Street.

    Entering the building: Please enter the Crane HS building at door #2. There are something like 10 doors to enter the school. We have to enter in door #2, which is located on the eastern side of the building, facing the football field.

    Room 421: Please walk up the four flights of stairs (we can get access to the elevator if someone needs it) to find room 421 in the middle hallway. I will have signs marking the direction. Sean’s classroom has a Smartboard.

  19. Hi all– if you are in SW British Columbia or NW u.s. there’s an “intro to tprs” workshop May 2 in Surrey, BC. Morning will be German story and embedded reading demo and steps. Afternoon will be assessment, circling, tech etc.

    Presenters: me, Adriana Ramirez, Luce Arsenault. Email if you wanna come or send someone.

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