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Philadelphia Song

The kids in this video go to String Theory High School in Philadelphia. PLC member Laura Munich is the French teacher there and was at the workshop Tina and I did last year in Philadelphia.

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Report from the Field – Mila Garner

Hi Ben. This Monday will be week 3 for me (I started in January) and as you suggested I’ve been using their book (traditional teaching) for half the period (about 23 min) and CI activities

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From Meg: Hi Ben, A question for the PLC. I’ve been working with my district’s social emotional learning coach and later in the month we’re supposed to co-teach a lesson on respect, why we want

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Question on Rude Kids

This is from Julia: Ben, First question after trying this for a week. I have kids saying they already know this stuff. But I have many kids who are getting it deep down for the

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Mila – Question 2

Q. My French 3 student is quite a quick learner and a straight A student in all subjects. He’s quite brilliant. For small talk we can actually have a conversation about his day, what he

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