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Let The Brain Organize It

Teaching a language without using comprehensible input is insulting to the magnificence of the human brain, which can process and decode and implement thousands of rules of language without even needing to use its conscious

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Three and Done Supports jGR

jGR works better for me with Three and Done. I know that it is my own way of holding kids accountable, and I certainly don’t want to say it is the best way, although I

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Counting Down

This term – or something like it (countdown?) – was recently used here, but I can’t find the comments. Is that the same as wait time? I’m trying to get clarification on this term, which

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Choral Reading Question

Reading through the comments sometimes reveals keys to problems that we don’t even know we have. For example, in talking about reading, Dave said this yesterday: …I personally keep [choral reading] to under 10% of

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