Histoire de Bubhakemeier Location 3 (cont.)



9 thoughts on “Histoire de Bubhakemeier Location 3 (cont.)”

  1. ok what the hell? there are 6 comments on the recent technology question and I get no suggestions – as in zero – on the video clips I posted above, on how to be better at CI? I thought we were going to try to make video work for us. Please give me some feedback. I have a long way to go and you are the only professionals I trust to help me. And don’t worry so much about that technology piece. Chris said it wasn’t that big a deal. I was really looking forward to reading what people saw in the above clips and I have to beg for a comment here. WTF?

  2. I always love seeing these videos. We’ve all heard the expression, “a picture tells a thousand words.” Well, we could also say something like, “a video of another CI class is worth a thousand conferences!”
    The level of interest was sky-high and the kids were so focused on meaning. Also, you stayed in L2 for just about the entire time. As I continue to progress with all of this, I find that this last point is number one. If I can just stay in L2 while making them focus on meaning, then I can relax and smell the roses. And when we are relaxed is when those real home run classes happen.
    Also, in that lesson we could see all that current research validated. All you did was have the students listen to massive quantities of French, without focusing on output. Nevertheless, low and behold, that boy retold the entire story effortlessly. And I could tell that the rest of them could do it too.
    Thanks for the posting the videos, I especially like the voice overs.

    1. Just to repeat what you said, Ray:
      …you stayed in L2 for just about the entire time. As I continue to progress with all of this, I find that this last point is number one….
      I really feel that this is it. I feel like, after a long climb up into the mountains with many false peaks, this staying in the language is the real mountain top in teaching using this approach, along with engaging every kid in the room no matter what they had for breakfast, whom they’re mad at, or how horrible middle school was for them. I am ranking the top five skills – in my opinion for me in my own classroom – in a completely different order than I had them even six months ago:
      1. staying in L2
      2. engaging every kid in the room
      3. SLOW
      4. Circling
      5. Point and Pause
      Those first two weren’t even in the top ten for a long time for me.

  3. I find that this last point [staying in L2] is number one….
    After all these years, a full decade actually, I have come to the same conclusion. I never knew it because I never did it, but now I get it about L2.
    nevertheless, low and behold, that boy retold the entire story effortlessly…. [as a result of all the comprehensible input and not by being forced to speak]….
    That’s a fact. That kid had no background in French. He is a pianist, a good one, with a good ear, and all he did was listen until, at this point (March of level 2), the language just flowed from his mouth. It supports our point better than a lot of discussion.
    Thanks for the comments, Ray!

  4. I finally had a chance to watch your clips. These are great, and so helpful! The kids are clearly very engaged and it is obvious that they understand everything that is being said. Watching the way you do it made me realize that I do not use the actors enough. So far, I have had kids act out the whole story only once we have asked and read it. Using them throughout story-asking adds an additional level of comprehension for those visual kids. I will remember that for the next story we do.
    Just wondering, are there any videos where you demonstrate the reading process (as in a whole period, from beginning to end)? I follow the sequence as per your suggestions from a while ago but somehow it always feels “blah”. I don’t know why I have this urge to make everything super exciting.
    In any case, thank you so much for putting yourself out there for all of us to see. I would love to submit a video as I want feedback from true CI experts. However, I have quite a few kids on the “camera shy” list which makes for difficult taping.

  5. That’s EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!! It is one thing to read again and again how something should be done, but for me it only works if I can see it. I can never get over the fact that whatever I feel that I need at any given moment, all I have to do is come on your blog and it’s all right here at my fingertips. This is freaky!

    1. I really get it now, the accent work, the sacred reading, all of it. Thank you so much!
      I noticed that the students did not have a printed copy of the story. This seems to be a much better way of doing the reading because you can see who has “clear eyes” when they’re reading rather than just looking down on the paper. I will try that next time and maybe just give them the option of printing out a copy from my website for those who need/want it.

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