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Our newest member Mindee could use some feedback: Hi – I am an Elementary FLES (Spanish) teacher and am a recent convert to TPRS. Totally sold, through and through. Love this blog. I have to

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Los Angeles Workshop

Does anyone who was at the Lake Elsinore workshop last month remember which teacher mentioned Earl Stevick in relationship to the point about images (and thus the Invisibles) being more effective than mere words? She shared

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Approval Drives Stories

We want good group dynamics in our stories, but wanting is not enough, and a sense of neediness on the teacher’s part actually makes the group dynamics shakier. Good group dynamics happen when the teacher

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Negotiating Meaning

No comprehensible input class – especially one organized around unscripted, authentic communication – can succeed unless the students and the teacher are trained from the beginning of the year in the art of negotiating meaning.

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