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TPRS in a Year!


A unique and extensive look at the basic underpinnings of the TPRS method.


United States

Ben Slavic


TPRS in a Year! was developed and written to help teachers speed up the process of learning TPRS. Forty-nine different skills are discussed. There are four in-depth sample stories that describe how to build stories using TPRS. There is also an extensive Q and A section at the end of the book.

In TPRS in a Year!, you will discover how to:

  • Work together with your students to create a story.
  • Choose and implement the TPRS skills that work for you.
  • Bring students into your classroom process without forcing them.
  • Teach for authentic language acquisition.
  • Learn techniques to make sure that each student understands
  • Make comprehensible input and personalization the foundation of your success.
  • Establish trust in your classroom.
  • Use scripted stories as a basis for your own stories.
  • Unleash the powerful tool of reading in your classroom.
  • Teach writing using the proven dictée form.
  • Prolong your career and avoid teacher burnout.

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