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PQA in a Wink!

PQA in a Wink!

By Ben Slavic
Format: PDF Digital Download
Price: $34.95

A Must Have Book For Teachers Learning How To Teach Using Comprehensible Input!

This book addresses personalization and the TPRS of PQA, providing specific suggestions about PQA and classroom discipline that are easy to blend into any curriculum, not just a TPRS curriculum.

In PQA in a Wink! you will discover how to:

  • Build rapport and connect with your students
  • Make PQA work in your classroom
  • Increase student involvement in your class
  • Learn how to talk to your students in the target language about things that interest them.
  • Come up with creative and interesting names for your students
  • Use the target language from the first day of class
  • Deal with oppositional and reticent students
  • Extend PQA into stories
  • Increase your enrollment

Customer Reviews


Susan Gross:

“Every day I see teachers who have been blessed by your book PQA in a Wink! It is the best thing out there for helping teachers. It is, quite simply, a work of genius. You have totally explained and illustrated what personalization is and how far it can take you.

“By following your suggestions teachers will have the keys for teaching “in the zone” and producing students who love language and are good at it. I am so glad you wrote that book; it is a true gift to the profession.”


Anne Matava: 

“Both PQA in a Wink! and TPRS in a Year! have been indispensible to me as a first-year TPRS teacher. Ben goes through the steps of TPRS carefully with a lot of examples, love, and humor.

“PQA in a Wink! demystifies and expands on the PQA process. It’s loaded with more of that great Ben Slavic humor and insight. I recommend both books to any TPRS teacher, new or experienced. Ben writes with enthusiasm and joy.”


Jackson Howenstine: 

“I read PQA in a Wink over winter break, and applying these concepts has been incredibly beneficial to me and my students over the past semester. This last semester has by far been the best of my career and your book has a lot to do with that.”