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Eric Herman

This is a bio from Eric Herman. Watch some of the videos. Amazing from only a second year teacher! Hi Ben – I am a Spanish teacher, grades 3-8, in Edgartown, MA. I am in

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Dear Fear

We have a set of questions here that need our attention and responses: Ben, This is year 2 (really semester 2) of my Spanish 1 TCI odyssey and I’m feeling some serious self-doubt. I am

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Live and Let Live – Oh Really?

I’ve been thinking about the administrator pressures that we endure each day. I consider them extremely detrimental to our mental health and I feel strongly that they are unnecessary, because administrators don’t understand how people

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Three Parts to the Year

A repost from last spring, updated: We have talked about what possible “forms” an academic year could take doing TPRS/CI. There are links on that topic here: There is a general plan that I

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Chris Stoltz’ Article

Chris Stoltz’ article is getting continued attention. This is from Nathaniel Hardt in Massachusetts: Hi Ben, I tried to get to where your commendation was to Chris’ article but couldn’t remember where it was. [ed.

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