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The Big CI Book


One of Ben’s best selling books on CI.

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Ben Slavic

This book has helped to propel myself and my students into language acquisition in supportive and helpful ways! I am so grateful to Ben Slavic for writing it. I read it when I need help, ideas, inspiration or just fodder for my own ideas and best practices. It is worth every penny!!! GET IT!!!!

Kristen Wolf

Every teacher into the CI/TPRS methodology should have this book. Teachers not into it, they should have it too and do themselves and their students a favor. It's very well written and full of techniques to provide students with a lot of comprehensible input, and to have them engaged from the beginning until the end of every lesson. This is one of the best investments in professional development I've done.


This book is the best investment for any foreign language teacher. It is full of great ideas and advice to teach with comprehensible input throughout 14 skills, 27 strategies, diverse tools and activities. Top learning experience to engage students in the fluency of the target language acquiring the communication level while having fun.

Maria Jewell

This book, along with others and his online professional learning community, has made me the teacher I am today. I would probably still not be a foreign language teacher if it wasn't for Ben Slavic and his work. If you believe in working towards equity in foreign language education, not to mention optimizing acquisition, then check out this book!

Sean Lawler


A Step By Step Guide For Foreign Language Teachers

The Big CI Book vastly expands on the skills and strategies available to comprehensible input teachers before its publication.

Ben says, “This book puts all my thoughts and knowledge about teaching using comprehensible input into one place. I just wish I had it with me when I first started my career as a language teacher.”

The book describes in detail twenty-seven strategies, many of which are new, as well as fifteen skills. It’s heavy on classroom management strategies. This vastly expanded and new material greatly helps teachers because of the level of detail presented in the discussion of those strategies and skills.”

©2015. English. 305 pages.
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