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Embedded Readings Question

There is an Embedded Readings category here so lots to read, but I got this specific question that would be good to get the group’s response on as well: Hi Ben, I teach English at

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Chinese Video

There are ripple effects happening from Bob Patrick teaching a class on TPRS at the University of Georgia, starting about three years ago and still going strong. This post provides us with some Chinese instruction

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Whatever Gets It Done

I believe that this is a metaphor for what is happening now in our schools: Therefore, any small spark of humanness that we can bring to our schools, however we do it, through CI

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Verb Play Involves Trust and Curiosity

It’s not like we’re on a world cruise with our students, although Robert has approximated it: The truth is that we are in a box with our students. Not a lot to talk about

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Plans for November/December

This is a note to myself re: planning through to Xmas break and I post it here for anyone else who might like me be getting wigged out by too many things to do in the

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Expectations: Getting Real With Our Attackers

Lance Piantaggini below makes a very strong argument on the topic of specifically how to respond to attackers. He elucidates reasons for attackers’ motives, describes their mindsets and finishes by suggesting three talking points – designed

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