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Visual PQA – 6

Ruth and I are working to get a Google folder up for whatever PP slides we create here. Sharing our lesson plans here, as we have said, could save us many planning hours next year

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Visual PQA – 5

This can happen in impoverished schools as well as any other as long as we tap into the needs of the children to express themselves using words in the L2. We didn’t have a way

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Visual PQA – 4

To restate and clarify. In my current view we will get much more verbal L2 output from our kids than we ever thought possible if we do three things: 1. Put really extreme limits on

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Visual PQA – 3

Q. Does Julie ever ask, “What did I just say?” or do quick translations for clarification? A. Yes, BUT both are very limited in how many times they get used. This is the fascinating part to me.

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Star of the Week – Step 5

Here are the Star of the Week questions in French that Sabrina is currently using. I could only get permission to use them in French, but all you need to do is some quick translation

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Star of the Week – Step 4

Throughout the week the teacher can share with the class a Power Point presentation of the child with his or her photo taken when the student came up to be the star. On each slide

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French Position

This is from Angie and Angie I apologize I should have posted this early with only one week left in the window: There is a full-time job opening for a French teacher here in Brattleboro,

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