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Report from the Field – Don Read

(2nd year TPRS – 1st year was minimal TPRS. 7th and 8th grade French; four classes; 108 students) •End of four weeks – all going well! •PQA, extended PQA, one story (Matava – An Important

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My son Landen, now in high school, had a middle school French teacher a few years ago who taught the old way. He quit the class at the semester that year, telling me he just

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Another Question

Here is another question for the group, also from a first year CI teacher: My administration are waiting for assessment of my hybrid (CI class + old). As I was getting ready to write the

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Question for the Group

Here is a question for the group: Hello Ben, This is my first year teaching Middle School Spanish. It is considered an elective here. I teach 11 classes total on an A/B schedule. I teach

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