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Grammar Out, Immersion In?

From Grant Boulanger: Ben, Here’s an interesting article. This guy is a friend of a friend and RIGHTLY attacks the grammar-centric curriculum. He is an ally in that regard. However, he suggests appropriating from the

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Thank you, Sean!

Hey everybody go to the Tutorials hard link and click on “How to Change Your Forum Password”. Sean Lawler did that. Badass. Thank you Shawn!

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Report from the Field – Erica McCurry

Our relatively new PLC member Erica McCurry reports from the field about a change she is contemplating to work with CI and younger kids – she currently teaches high school. Here is Erica’s report: Ben,

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Smart Phones

Daniel Navar sent this link: He commented: The technocrats think that “Language acquisition is only a smartphone away.” What BS.

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