Ultimate CI Book 1 Training

General information for this training is below. If you want to have smooth sailing through the winter and spring, and be ready with a supercharged curriculum for next year, take this January class. Here’s the link with the details:


And here’s the cool part, my patrons get the training at half price!



This online training program provides you with enough material to keep your students engaged in a way you probably never thought possible. You will never feel “lost” in your CI classroom because the StarChart™ will guide you.

Learn how you can easily establish strong classroom management through student engagement.

Build community in your classroom, an essential element for teaching the Communication Standard.

All classes include a Professional Development Certificate of Completion on the last day of class AND a free digital copy of Ben Slavic’s Ultimate CI Book 1, the new bestselling successor to the original Big CI Book at Teacher’s Discovery®.


“I taught my classes 3rd through 9th grade using Phase 1 of the Star to the best of my ability, and it was INCREDIBLY scary to let go of everything else, but the feeling after each class was also INCREDIBLE. Both I and my students felt joy and success after every class we had. I personally now feel invigorated and inspired which, since the pandemic, has been a hard feeling to have.” 

Karin Trouyet

“It is such a load off of my shoulders not worrying about targeting and not worrying about planning, but rather walking through the classroom door and conducting class on the fly. The job is so easy for me now. I thank you for that. You have helped many foreign language teachers lift that weight off their shoulders too.” 

Sean Lawler

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate our class. I’m moving through a hard time in my school and it brings me much hope.”

Caley Sellers

“This is the best class I have taken in decades of teaching! Ben’s method is not only creative and exciting, but all of the kids are learning in my Spanish classes now. No one gets left behind!  I wish every language teacher was required to take these classes! I love this way of teaching and so do my students!”

Lori Kinczel

“I have wanted to get a start in CI for quite some time.  This course allowed me to have the tools to do it.  My classes this year are much more fun and engaging – just the prescription needed during this trying time.  Ben teaches us how to do CI and why we really need to teach this way.  Since taking this course, I have taken other CI courses and I would not have understood the methods presented without Ben’s in-depth modeling.  I agree with other reviewers: I have done lots of professional development in my 20 plus years as a French teacher.  This was the most useful of them all and it was comparatively very affordable.  Not to mention the fact that Ben is a really kind and gentle soul – someone I have “met” by watching YouTube videos and reading CI books;  but it was an honor to truly meet him through our online class.  He is a leader in the field for very good reason.”

Kristen Allen

“Once you learn the Invisibles and the Star Sequence you can take a bit of a break.  I think it will be a long time before something better or even equal comes along.  The only other thing on my CI Radar right now is Story Listening, and even that does not compare to Ben’s invention of the Invisibles and the StarChart.”

Gregory Schwab

“We’re in November and the Star is still a game-changer.  It’s amazing what some of my classes are doing.  My 6th period class has created their own “cinematic universe” with our stories.  One of our very first OWIs was a pink orangutan named Dr. Tang.  He’s shaping up to be some sort of super villain, in a way, and has been making appearances in all of our stories.”

Chris Roberts



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