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Ben Slavic TPRS WorkshopBen Slavic is a nationally recognized TPRS and CI Expert and has given workshops all over the United States to thousands of teachers.  A regular speaker at the National TPRS Conference, Ben has helped countless teachers learn to use TPRS and CI in their classrooms. 

2019 Upcoming Workshops - TBD

Ben On His CI Workshops

"We learn L2 by practicing it, not by talking about it. Similarly, we make the best use of our workhop time by practicing TPRS, not by talking about it. I model various TPRS skills and then the teachers do them, over and over throughout the workshop. It resembles a yoga class in that way, where the learnings go into the body and not just the mind. Learnings need to be in the teacher's physical body in narrative methods.

"I also focus less on stories and more on pre-story personalization skills, skills that can be used in even non-TPRS classrooms and that are used at the beginning of the academic year or in exploratory classes - skills that show teachers, simply put, how to reach kids in L2. Once these skills are learned, stories flow easily."

If you would like to schedule Ben to do a workshop, please contact him directly at

Ben's schedule is filling up, so availability for workshops are limited. 

If you cannot schedule a workshop and you and your colleagues would like TPRS coaching and training from Ben, check out Ben's Professional Learning Community. The PLC provides you 24/7 access to the membership website and community where you can improve your TPRS skills.  Click here for more information.

What Workshop Attendees Have To Say...

"...I can't tell you how much I appreciate you working with me like you did. That day was honestly the turning point in my understanding of CI.

Without your help, I wouldn't have had the success I had in the last two months of this year..."

Kailey D.
  "I want to tell you that we are seeing major improvements in our students since you have been here. I am able to park much better than ever before. Today I used only one structure and had about 80 reps but the students stayed totally engaged the whole 40 minutes of the story. The waiting for a good answer was the key to this success. So thank you!"

Joseph Dziedzic
  "I just wanted to let you know how much more I am enjoying teaching. All that other stuff was stressing me out.

I think I am getting back to the heart of it all. And on top of it, I am noticing how
brilliant my students are."

Michelle F.
"Hola! This is Brian, the "cheval" from yesterday's presentation. I just thought I would drop you a quick e-mail telling you how much I enjoyed your presentation. I have had some brief experience with TPRS, but what I saw yesterday was amazing.

I threw out my plans for today with all my classes, and did something similar to what we did yesterday, gesturing with the words, with a little bit of acting out a story I had come up with this morning. The kids really enjoyed this lesson. I still remember some of the French that you taught us yesterday.

Again, thank you for the presentation. It was really helpful! I am going to try extremely hard to incorporate more of the TPRS with my students! Have a nice day!"

Brian M.

Written to a representative of a school district in Ohio:

Dear Matt,

My name is Michel Baker. I live in South Carolina, and I attended Ben Slavic's workshops at the National TPRS Conference this past July in San Antonio, Texas. I understand that you will be having him come to train your people in February 2010. I would like to relay to you my experience with Ben at Nationals, as he said that his focus on working with your faculty will be similar.

Ben Slavic truly reached me not only because of his skills but also because I had already studied the green book [Fluency Through TPR Storytelling by Blaine Ray], which allowed me to understand the terminology he used.

I basically hung on every word that he said for the two days of his workshops. Ben understands the depths of TPRS and has a keen ability to draw people into learning it.

He also reached me because I really wanted to get some coaching, and Ben is an excellent coach. He not only says what needs to be said to you, but he also says it in an interesting, supportive and encouraging way that makes everyone feel comfortable and free to try.

In closing, I would advise you that the preliminary preparation of your teachers, combined with their will to work to master the method, will be the two most essential ingredients needed to make your second day of coaching with Ben work the best for you. I know you will enjoy your time with him! Have fun!

Michel Baker
South Carolina

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