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Ben's TPRS Video Training DVDs

Teachers Who Want To Develop and Improve Their TPRS and CI Skills...Now You Can Have
8 Hours Of Ben's Training On DVD!

Can't Attend a National Conference?  Would You Like To Learn At Your Own Pace And In The Comfort Of Your Own Home?  Would You Like TPRS And CI Training That You Can Reference Again and Again?

TPRS Ben Slavic Teaching

Ben has created a video training program that is intended to meet the needs of teachers interested in learning TPRS who cannot get to a national conference or some other training.

Owning the DVD training allows you to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. 

This DVD training course includes 5 DVDs.  There are 7 hours and 50 minutes of training.

The "Starting The Year" DVD has footage of middle school classes in their fifth day of French instruction with Ben. This footage models how to set classroom rules and teach the CI game, as well as how to personalize the classroom, before attempting stories.

Four other DVDs present a total of six full length stories done with classes in their first year of TPRS instruction, including four reading classes.

One video, entitled "The Tall Hat", shows how to move from PQA into a story in a seamless way. There is also a short visit to Ben's classroom, to show how posters can be effectively used.

Here Are Just A Few Things You'll Learn
In Ben's DVD Training Program

  • You'll get to see how Ben teaches in a live classroom setting.
  • You'll see Ben's classroom and how he sets up his word lists and posters.
  • Annotated video that breaks down the three steps of TPRS, allowing the viewer to read on-screen notes during the lessons.
  • Translation tracks of each lesson so there is minimal confusion.
  • A special "Starting the Year" DVDD featuring footage of One Word Images, the Word Chunk Team Activity, and Word Association activities.
  • Illustration of the points made in TPRS in a Year! and PQA in a Wink!
  • The opportunity to study a TPRS lesson over and over so that the process becomes intuitive.
  • How to move from PQA into a story.
  • How to move from a story into reading.
  • How to personalize.
  • Modeling of the crucial TPRS skills of SLOW, Circling, and Point and Pause.
  • Video of the assessment process.
  • And much more!

Watch The Video Below To See A Sample Of Ben In
Action And What You'll Be Getting In The Training

Get 7 Hours and 50 Minutes Of Ben's TPRS Training
On 5 DVDs For Only $39.95


Not Sure?  See What TPRS Founder Blaine Ray
Has To Say About Ben Slavic's Training...

"Our only concern ever about the TPRS trademark is people using it for profit, yet misrepresenting what TPRS is and does.

It then gives people an idea that TPRS is something that it isn't because it is being misrepresented. That was our motivation in getting it trademarked.

"What you have done is the opposite. You have helped so many people do this better.

I can't thank you enough for your contributions. I have had so much feedback about how you have helped.

Again, you are free to use TPRS in any way that helps TPRS and teachers."