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TPRS HistoryA Bit Of History
Learn the history of how children learned languages for thousands of years and what the best language learning method is now.  Click here.
  Calming Music for TPRS TeachingCalming Music
Soothing and relaxing music to play when you are teaching.  Click here.
TPRS PostersTPRS Posters
Here you will find free posters and resources that you can use immediately in your classroom!  Click here.
  TPRS Training Videos by Ben SlavicTPRS Training Videos
Short videos of Ben teaching or coaching the TPRS method.  Click here.
What's in the PLC?What's In The PLC?
Here are some samples of Ben coaching in the PLC. Click here.
  Jobs For KidsJobs For Kids 
A list of 50 different jobs for kids to do in the classroom.  Click here.
About TPR StorytellingAbout TPR Storytelling
Learn more about Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling.  Click here.
  TPRS HandoutsTPRS Workshop Handouts
Here you will find the handouts from a few workshops that you can access for free!  Click here. 
TPRS | How We Learn LanguagesHow We Learn Languages
Discover the best ways to learn languages in the classroom.  Click here.  
  Circling with BallsCircling With Balls
Video links, materials needed, and how to do circling with balls.  Click here.
iFLT Lesson PlansiFLT Lesson Plans 
Click here  
  TPRS Thoughts On Pacing GuidesThoughts On Pacing Guides
Learn the difference between TPRS and traditional language education.  Click here.
Moving from PQA into a StoryMoving from PQA into a Story 
Learn the process and watch some videos!
Click here.
  Quick TPRS QuizzesQuick Quizzes
What they are, why you should do them, and how to do them.  Click here.
Sample Lesson PlansSample Lesson Plans 
Here is an example of a weekly lesson plan. 
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  Suggested Weekly ScheduleSuggested Weekly Schedule
Click here.
Suggested Daily ScheduleSuggested Daily Schedule 
Click here.
  Language Teaching in the 21st CenturyLanguage Teaching in the 21st Century
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  Other TPRS WebsitesOther TPRS Websites
Here are links to other popular TPRS websites.
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TPRS HandoutsAdministrator Checklist 
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