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A Suggestion For New People

I very much want new people to be able to make sense of this site – there is a level of complexity in the discussion here that is of major concern to me that is just hard to walk into.

There are two points to make about that:

1. The earlier articles published here (2008) are like the first chapter in a novel. They are fairly simple. Then, as the plot thickened over the time and as we tried new things, each year the articles got more complex. So now we are moving on deeper into the book and new people start reading in the middle of the novel. Who would not be confused? I therefore highly suggest, if the image of this site as a novel is at all accurate, that new people go back to into the archives (below the categories on this page) and occasionally read chronologically, to get all the details straight. Things may make more sense.

2. I didn’t add the categories here until 2010 or so, so articles previous to that year have not been categorized. Therefore, a person wanting to read about PQA, for example, wouldn’t be able to read all of the articles pertaining to it as the concept took form here. Those articles carry value in their simplicity, before we kept adding new ingredients to the soup, and they shouldn’t be. They provide information and details about the “novel” that this site has become that are basic and clear and valuable.

So those two reasons are why I suggest that new people here maybe go back into the archives are read chronologically her. Not too much of the content is out of date, and the core tenants that support this work have not changed. This fact supports the notion, moreover, that, although everything changes, the core ideas (Krashen’s research) that led to the real things invented by Blaine Ray and articulated and defended by Susan Gross, never change.

The froth changes, but the soup remains ever hearty and vital for us. That is how we know we are into something real. We’ll each need a good bowl of soup through the winter. Then spring will come and we will have grown in this work and we will be stronger.

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