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Reviews and Praise

Here is some of the feedback and reviews I’ve received throughout the years, and I truly could not be more humbled or more honored. Helping you achieve your goals to become better Language Teachers through comprehensible input and story-based learning is a rewarding passion on its own, but when I hear about how it has touched so many lives and, even more, made teaching FUN AGAIN for so many of you, it is so heartwarming. So thank YOU for so many amazing years. There is still so much more to come, more boundaries to break, and more amazing and wonderful journeys of language teaching ahead of us.

I don’t exaggerate when I say you saved my career (nearly 20 years ago now), and you continue to inspire me. You help keep me focused on what really matters, which allows me to keep going in every day. I call you my language teaching guru, and I recommend your books to any heartfelt teacher I encounter.

Yesterday, I was observing a colleague as part of her licensure procedure. She has the biggest heart of any teacher I know, and she reached every single kid in the classroom with her love during that lesson. When we were talking about it afterwards and I was praising her for her wonderful work, she said, “Kelly, it’s all Ben Slavic. Everything I did came from him.”

You can never know the extent of your impact, but I can assure you that you have saved two language teachers, and through them a couple thousand students, in our little disadvantaged town here.

I wish “thank you” covered it, but nothing can. Your PLC and books have made all the difference.

Kelly C.

I just used the method with my 8th grade special ed class and it took a few minutes for them to get used to, but they are participated and at the end we were able to read the sentence – “Ben is eating chocolate ice cream in a store in Tel Aviv.”

I used the chat to have the students suggest and vote on each action or adjective. This enabled the kids who don’t open their camera to participate. By the end they were willing to join by voice and a few eventually turned on their cameras. ….” OR” have started using this method for two of my middle school special ed classes and I was observed the other day and the department chair was blown away by the number of students participating and who seemed to comprehend the basic vocabulary and were “reading” out loud.

Hal R.

I really appreciate you taking the time to set up this training and bless me with this super valuable information. You validate everything that I feel has been inside of my mind and never been able to express or communicate. Life changer. I have been faking my grade book for years!!!! The communication rubric is brilliant. I’m a bit late using it but better late than never.

Victoria W.

There were also definitely many more smiles and much more laughter than is usually present in class. Every time I explained some grammar point, I heard Ben chastising my conscious brain…..but all in due time. This is different but fantastically so.

Carol W.

I wanted to let you know that I am getting very positive feedback from the lecturers in our university here in Israel. The teachers feel that they don’t have to look for materials and can create them on the spot. One teacher said it’s the greatest professional development that she has ever had.

I just started a new class of 30 Arabic speakers and I did the star and it worked so well!!!! One of the reasons it worked so well is that all of your training really sunk in – I chanted the sentence, etc. and they told me that they felt that the language went into their heads and we all had fun!

Sara T.

I will definitely try the new teaching method that we’re learning with Ben Slavic. I’ve tried it with my school students on ZOOM and it was amazing. We all enjoyed the session even though I teach boys who are generally weak. It was effective and they participated and spoke in class! However, I was told that almost 55 students registered this year for my beginner online course. The number is huge and as you know and understand it’s going to be very hard and challenging.

Maya S.