Santa Clause (Matava) – Spanish – Drew Hiben

Santa Claus

needs to (tiene que)
wait (espera/esperar)
receive (recibe/recibirá[s])

Herman es un muchacho que está muy emocionado para la Navidad. No puede esperar para el día que él recibe regalos. Herman quiere recibir muchas cosas como videojuegos y un perro. Para que él reciba tantos regalos, necesita hablar con Santa Claus para decirle que quiere recibir.

Herman le pide a la mama que lo lleve al centro comercial para hablar con Santa Claus.
«Mamá, por favor, llévame a JCPenny.»
«No, mijo.»
«Pero mamá tengo que hablar con Santa Claus. Tengo que decirle qué quiero para la Navidad.»
«Espera, mijo.»
«No mamá. No puedo esperar. No podemos esperar. ¡Tenemos que ir hoy!»
«Vale. Ponte la chaqueta y vamos.»

En JCPenny la mamá y Herman esperan por 24 horas para ver a Santa Claus. Después de 23 horas y 45 minutos Herman le dice a la mamá que tiene que ir al baño. La mamá le pide que espere pero él le dice que no puede y que tiene que ir ahora.

«Mamá, tengo que ir al baño.»
«Espera, mijo.»
«Pero mamá no puedo esperar.»
«Tienes que esperar sólo 15 minutos más.»
«Si no voy al baño ahorita voy a hacer pipi en mis pantalones.»
«Mijo, hemos esperado 23 horas y 45 minutos porque tú tienes que hablar con Santa Claus. Tienes que esperar.»

Herman no espera. Herman hace pipi en los pantalones.

Herman va a Santa Claus y sienta (sits). Él tiene pipi en los pantalones. Santa grita, «Ay díos mío. ¡Qué asco! (YUCK) Bájate. Muchacho sucio. Tú no recibirás nada para la Navidad porque tú haces pipi en los pantalones.»

Herman llora. La mama lo lleva a Macy’s para comprar pantalones cortos amarillos.

¿La mamá le compra un pañuelo?



8 thoughts on “Santa Clause (Matava) – Spanish – Drew Hiben”

  1. Ben, I think the titles could be shortened and also include a bit more info. So here’s a recommendation for this one:

    Santa Clause (Matava) – Spanish – Drew Hiben

    I am assuming that the title of the script is “Santa Clause” (I don’t have the book in front of me). If it is called something else in her book, I think the name should reflect that, even if Drew calls his story something else. That way we can find what we’re looking for more easily.

    Also, I want to see who the teacher is that submitted the reading, because we may see a style, or use of vocabulary, that we like and gain preferences for certain teacher/writers.

  2. Yeah, so people who send in readings should try to remember to include the targets. I just fixed all of the readings to reflect that title format that Jim suggested earlier today. It’s a good format and we are good to go with the readings now. The thing is, we all write ’em so we just need to remember to send them in now. We’ll get a pretty good library going.

  3. I have read several just right stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how a lot attempt you put to create such a magnificent informative website.|

  4. Thank you Ellis. Join the dialogue. We just keep talking. We get the ideas by just throwing ideas out there, and some of it sticks and we try in in our classrooms and if it works we share it and over time we grow and after awhile we realize that we are not just going through the motions in our work, but enjoying it, glad to be teachers. Glad you are with us!

  5. Linda my Spanish is bad. I could do it but it would be ugly. Maybe someone else reading this can provide the English in a comment field below if they have time.

    I can give you the script that Drew used to create this story with his class (from Volume 1 of Anne Matava’s story scripts):

    have to go to the bathroom
    you’ll get

    (I can’t underline the variables in this comment field but they are Billy, where they go, and the amount of time they wait. Also just for accuracy the name of the original script is “Going To The Mall To See Santa”.)

    3-year-old Billy and his mother go to the mall to see Santa. They wait for 3 hours. Billy says, “I have to go to the bathroom.” Mom says, “Can’t you wait?” Billy can’t wait. He pees his pants. He sits on Santa’s lap. Santa says, “Yuck! Your pants are wet! You’ll get no presents!”

    Billy and his mother go to Sears and buy new pants. They go back to Santa and wait 23 minutes. Billy says, “I have to go to the bathroom.” Mom says, “Can’t you wait?” Billy can’t wait. He pees his pants. He sits on Santa’s lap. Santa says, “You again! Your pants are wet! You’ll get no presents!”

    Billy and his mother go to Hot Topic and buy new pants. They go back to Santa and wait 34 days. Billy says, “I have to go to the bathroom, and I can’t wait.” His mother brings him to the bathroom. Santa is also in the bathroom. Billy says, “Hey Santa, will you bring me Guitar Hero?” Santa says, “Yes of course, because you are a big boy and are going to the bathroom.”

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