Re: German Materials

Fortunately, there are a wealth of German materials. Since you specifically asked about German I and II materials, here are some links to materials. You can’t go wrong with any of them.
Gerhard Maroscher’s graded readers. I met Gerhard at the week-long, national German TPRS Coaching conference at Sweet Briar College in Virginia ( a fantastic week with colleagues throughout the nation). He has written three different short story books. The Level I might be perfect for you because students would have to have some language “under their belts”. He has also written book for levels II and III/IV. Because Gerhard was a TPRS teacher, the stories are written with this method in mind. I bought class sets for each book.
This link will bring you to the site, where you will find a description of the books, excerpts, and ideas for classroom use.
Gerhard’s e-mail:
Robert Williams wrote four excellent books, available through Teacher’s Discovery:
Rob is an instructor at the German TPRS at Sweet Briar and teaches in Fairfax County, Virginia. His stories are all written with TPRS in mind. You might have to dig on that site. There are four books in all: two are for Level One; two for Level Two. The nice thing about them is that they are thematic based.
Michael Miller: Sabine and Michael
I haven’t used this as a text, but I know that the teachers who use Sabine and Michael in their classes rave about them on the GermanTPRS site. (Michael is a teacher in Colorado (I believe he taught at the same school or in the same school system with Susan Gross).
What you must check out is Michael’s site (below). It is mind-boggling
It is exhaustive, mind-boggling, and follows his Sabine and Michael units. However, most of the materials, rubrics, tests and quizzes, notes about readers, videos, ads, etc. can be used with any materials that you are using.
On Ben’s site there are Anne Matava’s Story Scripts:
Story Scripts Vol. I by Anne Lambert (on the right-hand side of Ben’s site)
Anne is an outstanding German teacher here in Maine. These are story scripts that she has used and developed in her classes, so they work. These are in English, but the scripts can be used at many levels. You know from Ben’s raves how much he values these scripts.
The AATG headquarters also has many materials for sale and also many thematic ideas and online resources:
Finally, Sabine Lewis’ readers are good, and what a deal: Only $2 apiece. I bought a class set of both “Geld oder Liebe” and “Hände Weg von meinem Kopf”. She can be reached at the link that Robert provided.
All of these materials are “tried and true”. Viel Glück!



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