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Ben Slavic

The Big CI Book is to the Ultimate CI Book as a teenage athlete is to a professional.

Merritt Bigelow

This has been quite a year so far, but it has been made quite enjoyable by the use of your new Star System. My students love going around the Star to create the image (aside: they don’t know they are going around the Star; they’re just having a good time). As a tribute to the power of this system, after very little research and effort on my part (observing a few videos on YouTube, particularly the ones with Jesús), the Star System has revolutionized my teaching. I can truly say that thanks to the Star System, that joyous sense of teaching-as-play – a feeling that I thought had abandoned me forever some ten years ago – has returned, leaving me liberated of any signs of burn-out. While other teachers are tearing their hair out trying to teach online, I'm having the time of my life! I am happy to stand behind your work, as it unfailingly supports everything I believe about language teaching: it is a true CI (Krashen-style) program; it puts community-building first; it treats students as human beings with their own interests and dreams, and it vastly reduces my prep. time, thus allowing me to focus my attention on my students.  And here's the magic, it simultaneously supports rigor and student success in a compelling way.  I don't have to choose one at the expense of the others!

Peter McHugh


Ben says of his Ultimate CI books:

“In the past it has typically taken me about a year to write a book on comprehensible input language instruction.This one required five years. It represents my best effort as a teacher and as an author. The Big CI Book has become the Ultimate CI Book! The reader who embraces what is contained in both books in the series and chooses also to take the Zoom training that supports them is in for a surprise in their experience as a language teacher. I’ve been working towards this all my life, and I got it right this time. But the Zoom training is highly recommended, since it so much easier to visualize all the details when they are explained to you in on online training course.

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Other teachers who have read the book and taken the Zoom training report that the efforts to re-tool their teaching was worth the effort:

“There were definitely many more smiles and much more laughter than is usually present in class. Every time I explained some grammar point, I heard Ben voice from the Zoom training chastising my conscious brain and telling me to get my students re-focused on the message and not the language. This is different, but fantastically so.”  Carol W.

“I just wanted to let you know that I am getting very positive feedback from the lecturers in our university here in Israel. The teachers feel that they don’t have to look for materials and can create them on the spot.  One lecturer said it’s the best professional development that she has ever had. I just started a new class of 30 Arabic speakers and I did the star and it worked so well!!!! One of the reasons it worked so well is that all of your Zoom training really sunk in  – I chanted the sentence, etc. and they told me that they felt that the language went into their heads and we all had fun!”  Sara T.

“I will definitely try the new teaching method that we’re learning with Ben Slavic. I’ve tried it with my school students on ZOOM and it was amazing. We all enjoyed the session even though I teach generally weak students.  It was effective and they participated and spoke in class! However, I just learned that almost 55 students registered this year for my beginner online course.  I guess that’s a good problem to have.”  Maya S.

“I really appreciate you taking the time to set up this training and bless me with this super valuable information. You validate everything that I feel has been inside of my mind and never been able to express or communicate.  Life changer. The communication rubric is brilliant. I’m a bit late using it but better late than never.”  Victoria W.

“I just used the method with my 8th grade special ed class and it took a few minutes for them to get used to it, but they all participated. By the end of the first class many of them had turned on their cameras. I was observed the other day and the department chair was blown away  by the number of students participating and who seemed to comprehend the basic vocabulary and were reading aloud”.  Gary S.

“This is exciting – especially the part about students beginning to return to the community. It’s about the humanity! The language learning is just a way to make connections.”  Carl S.

“The best part was when we spent those weeks in our Zoom groups discussing and watching each other go around the Star. This enabled us to get a real feel for how to do it.  A special thanks to Jesus and Viktoria for their great demos of what a trip around the Star looks like!”  Kyle G.

“I have occasion virtually every day to think of you with gratitude.”  Anne Matava

2 reviews for Ultimate CI Book 1

  1. Tanya Foster

    This book has been a life-changer for me. Ben has taught me how to teach my students in a way that I have always wanted to do but never knew how. I am able to teach them with comprehensible input now and we are able to learn together. You will not regret buying this book or attending any of his online classes. He is a great teacher and is very patient. I’m thankful to have found his method and teaching ideas. Thank you, Ben.

    Tanya Foster

  2. Sonya Lacharité

    Review of The Ultimate CI Book 1 and Book 2 by Ben Slavic

    During my recent long-awaited professional development for teaching using Comprehensible Input, I realized that one of the reasons I had been drawn to the Spatial Curriculum by Ben Slavic was because of the star shape.

    His journey of discovery has led him to write, rewrite, simplify and hone his ideal ACFL aligned, research-based curriculum in the Ultimate CI Books 1 and 2 for teachers of world languages in the classroom and more recently online.

    Ben Slavic has self-professed having had 6 clinical teacher burnouts and seems called to continue to connect with educators despite having put in enough time writing and teaching for decades now to be able to walk away with his long list of accomplishments to the profession as they are.

    How does this fit with my journey as a teacher?

    I have watched, first as an educational assistant for eight years and now as a teacher in my third year, how demanding the legacy methods of teaching languages are on the individual and with the predictable decline of student numbers in the high school language classrooms.

    Teaching is vocational and honorable work for many, but should not cause teachers to burn out or cease to believe that they can be good at teaching.

    There is a way, and I am a strong believer that Ben’s Star Curriculum is the answer for many that can unlock satisfaction, creativity, meaning, and continued job security in our chosen field as language specialists and leave teachers with the ability to lead fuller lives outside of the classroom as well.

    It is no accident I feel that returning to the star is significant for me because of my teacher training courses.

    Here in Canada, we are required to take what I believe to be a transformative course named Aboriginal Perspectives.

    For this course, other teacher candidates and I created, researched, developed, and uploaded onto the web a major culminating project based on the Star Blanket.

    The Star Blanket is a significant living artifact that connects the symbol of The Creator as the star, with the past, present, and future in many First Nations communities.

    It has its own pedigree of stories, community ceremonies, symbolic and real ties to the life cycle of the buffalo which connects daily life to the Ultimate Creator and immortality.

    For this reason, I am indeed astonished and grateful that my path has led me to teach French using the Star Sequence and now Ben Slavic’s Ultimate CI Books 1 and 2.

    Very highly recommended essential pedagogy for language teachers!

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