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Ultimate CI Book 2

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Ben Slavic


Ben says of his Ultimate CI books:

“In the past it has typically taken me about a year to write a book on comprehensible input language instruction.This one required five years. It represents my best effort as a teacher and as an author. The Big CI Book has become the Ultimate CI Book! The reader who embraces what is contained in both books in the series and chooses also to take the Zoom training that supports them is in for a surprise in their experience as a language teacher. I’ve been working towards this all my life, and I got it right this time. But the Zoom training is highly recommended, since it so much easier to visualize all the details when they are explained to you in on online training course.

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Other teachers who have read the book and taken the Zoom training report that the efforts to re-tool their teaching was worth the effort:

Dear Ben Slavic:

I wanted to thank you for your book “The Ultimate CI Book”. I purchased it yesterday, and have spent most of the weekend reading as much of it as I can. I am excited to implement it more in my classes.

I’ve also been watching a number of your youtube videos, and I am so glad you have them. I love watching and following along with what you were doing in the star. Truly, I think them combined is a beautiful thing.

I’m excited to finish the book. I hope the second is published soon. I would love to read it as well. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Once again, thank you for this fantastic opportunity to grow in our profession, and help students find real fluency and acquisition.


Joshua Goodwin


Hi Ben,

Boy, did I have FUN today doing the OWI with my Arabic speaking learners!  They chose the plate of a traditional dish that they serve at weddings and it went REALLY well.  I even took the sentence and sang it according to a Jewish wedding song and told them that their homework is to sing it to me next week using the Arabic tune from weddings.

I wrote a recommendation for your method/training:

If you want motivated energized language learners in your class, then you must take them for a “ride” around Ben Slavic’s star.  The well-thought out stages/activities have the students working on their listening and reading skills.  Some grammar is thrown in along the way and the repetition in the different activities improves the students’ vocabulary.

Ben is also a master facilitator and I highly recommend joining his training course.  You will never be the same after participating in his course.

Sara L. Tilleman

Ono Academic College

Head of the ESL Department



“Ben is the Eckhart Tolle of language teaching. His Zoom trainings are the best!”

Maria T.

1 review for Ultimate CI Book 2

  1. Tanya Foster

    This is an amazing book and built so well on book 1. We were able to teach comprehensible input completely using both books. He teaches fine methods, ways to interact with the children so that they are able to acquire the language in An easy and loving environment.

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