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A Natural Approach to Stories


The first book in the CI “trilogy”, followed by A Natural Approach to the Year and the two Ultimate CI books.


United States

Ben Slavic


A Happier Way To Teach Languages

If you weren’t focusing on teaching certain words and phrases, what would you focus on in your CI instruction? Have you struggled with storytelling? Could it be smoother without the pre-selected targets? Would your students learn enough to pass the test, or might they actually learn a lot more?

Ben Slavic has ventured out from the TPRS story-creation process that he used for many years to explore the possibilities of non-targeted comprehensible input. He has discovered that letting go of pre-selected targets allows the teacher to focus on the words that students want to know and the compelling characters they create.

As a result, the students acquire the language happily, and engagement skyrockets on both sides—for both students and teacher. The kids know FAR MORE vocabulary words at the end of the year without all the common assessments and all the other “traditional” TPRS teaching.

Of course, you can’t just talk and hope that kids understand, and you can’t jump into creating stories without laying some groundwork. It would be chaos! A plan is needed. A Natural Approach to Stories lays the basis for that plan.

©2017. English. 354 pages.

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