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Ben Slavic PLC

Q. Ben I am thinking of joining your PLC, but what would you say is its real goal so I can make my decision and see if I want to join?

A. If we all step back from the canvas far enough, we all will end up seeing different things in the PLC. I can only say for myself that my prime goal in this space and in language teaching in general is to teach in a way that gives my students confidence in themselves as language learners and to make doing so easy on me. So my own focus here on the PLC is to discuss things that help us build kids up and make them feel that they belong in my classroom – online or not – so that no one feels excluded. Besides that primary goal, another goal here is to help teachers with the mental health piece, which, with each passing day, seems to be getting worse and worse, only in part because of the pandemic. I think our collective mental health as a profession was not that great before the pandemic. I want to do what I can to manifest a bunch of parachutes with the word “Krashen” sewn into the fabric of each parachute. We need to find activities that (a) properly reflect the research, (b) include ALL the students in our classes equally (c) assure and protect the mental health of everyone in the classroom, and (d) solve the online “black screen” teaching problem. That’s what the PLC is about – to attack problems in the field of language education and solve them together because we are in daily touch with each other. Perhaps it’s best expressed in this video:

When You Become A PLC Member, You Will Enjoy These Benefits…

1. Access to all of Ben’s current articles and PLC member comments. New articles are added daily. Each time Ben adds a new training article, a discussion starts among the community, making the training very interactive.

2 Access to all of Ben’s past articles. These date back to 2007! There is a wealth of information and training here.

3. COVID is changing the way CI training happens. And that’s a good thing, because now you can get trained for a fraction of the price, and in the comfort of your own home!

4. On the PLC, there are over 7,500 articles and over 67,000 comments from some of the most experienced CI teachers in the world. New and original ideas are added by Ben on a regular basis.

5. You get to be part of a vibrant professional community. This is important,  because switching to a new way of teaching is not easy to do alone.

6. As a member of the PLC, you can log in on a daily basis and check in with friends who are going through the same things that you are in their classrooms and everyone can talk about it. This is especially important for teachers who are new to the method.

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