Our PLC Map Needs Updating

Here is a tutorial that Sean created for us in 2016 on how to put a flag in our state or country on our “PLC Map “so we can know where each other is and contact each other if we want. Thank you Nancy McLaughlin for reminding us that we need an update on this:
5-Step Tutorial to Access Ben Slavic’s PLC Members Locations Map:
1) Access the map at http://bit.ly/18BevSu
2) Register by clicking on “Sign In/ Register”, a link you’ll find at the upper right-hand corner of the map.
3) Add your location by clicking on the “Additions” blue tab. Scroll and click on “Add Marker – Detailed” – this allows you to add media, say something about yourself, etc. We request that you add your city, state and email address to make networking in your area with other group members fast and simple. (Anyone who already has a pin in the map is requested to go back to the map and add the italicized information.)
4) It’s real easy to change your color on your pin. Simply click on your pin, then click on your name, then a window with a “Marker” tab comes up. In the “Marker” tab you can change your color.
4. Use these colors:
Chinese: mold
Germans: burgundy
French : yellow
Latin: lavender
Spanish: red
Gaelic: light purple
English: blue
Breton: black
Russian: forest green
Indonesian: white
5) Click on “Submit” and you’re done!
[ed. note: Sean Lawler is the “administrator” of the PLC Map. If you are having any difficulty with the Map, please don’t hesitate to contact him by email – seanmichaellawler@gmail.com.]



21 thoughts on “Our PLC Map Needs Updating”

    1. Hi Corinne,
      What city/town are you in? I am in Roseville. I posted my school’s address so people would know where I am located more or less.

  1. Ben, I suggest you remove this link at the bottom of your article. You put it there to help people update their colors. However, the link takes people to your (that is, Ben’s) personal location pin. Consequently, a member accidentally changed your location 🙂
    If someone wants to update their color they would simply click on their pin, then click on their name, and the very next window will have a “Marker” tab to edit.

  2. Ok! I am finally all set in Chula Vista, California! Thanks Sean and Ben for setting this up. It is really fun seeing where everyone is located. Now we will be able to visit people if we are ever in the neighborhood. I invite anyone and everyone to come on down to the border and eat some burritos 🙂

    1. I put where I work, too. I think it’s funny that mold got to be the Chinese color. What a name they picked for one of my favorite colors of green!

    1. Very funny Drew. Well nothing new in terms of blockbuster ideas. I would say that I have found success with classroom management by doing two new things described here:
      And we’ve been talking about upper level reading. Some new people have arrived lately. All of them the real deal. That’s new.
      And put your pin in the Zeemap that Sean made for us:
      And don’t go away for so long next time.

    1. Oops, I didn’t catch this post in December. Sorry Melissa. I can reposition my pin. I click on my pin and scroll over the arrow on the bottom right hand corner of the little window that popped up. That arrow is the “Relocate” arrow.
      Please let me know if that doesn’t work for you.
      Diane, I used to live in Englewood when I was a kid. Funny how Highlands Ranch was just in development back then. My older siblings went to Cherry Creek High School. Anyways… I hope it is still beautiful out there.

  3. One of the functions of the PLC is to help put people together on a regional level. We are getting some action by some great people in the greater St. Louis area right now. Please let me know if there is anything at all that I can do to help facilitate the building of regional groups. To me, they are the future.

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