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Over the years there certainly have been hundreds of posts here on the PLC about how CI interfaces with the reading piece. However, after studying the problem (reading is a problem in the CI community - I won't go into

My books are available as PDFs, which will open and can be read on a Kindle. You can use a registered Kindle's "Send-to-Kindle" email address to send your PDF to your Kindle via email, or you can upload the PDF directly

If you've ever tried to update or overhaul a website, you know how much time it takes. The "free stuff" from my former site will for that reason be delayed for some months, as I try to attend to all

What about rigor? Some language teachers say that teaching using comprehensible input is too “easy” for the students and so they succeed too much, earning “too many” A's. The answer to that question is that teaching with comprehensible input definitely

Noam Chomsky Noam Chomsky said, back in the 1960s: “Grammar [is] acquired by virtually everyone, effortlessly, rapidly, in a uniform manner, merely by living in a community under minimal conditions of interaction, exposure, and care.” Look at the words that Chomsky used

Personalized discussion provides the glue for the process. During the class we don’t go out of bounds - we keep things simple for our students by only introducing new vocabulary in the form of reading. When we only use language

According to the US Department of State, an academic program is rigorous when there is: depth and integrity of inquiry: Many teachers have expressed concern that there is too much curricular material to “cover” and not enough time to teach it

Yesterday I got some specific questions from a colleague and want to share my responses to him with the group. Sorry for the long rant. I do that sometimes, more for my own mental health than anything else. My colleague writes: I

Our PLC member Frank James Johnson has said this about the Star Sequence: Scope: "Whole Language Instruction"  Sequence: "Spiraling Expansive Recurrence of Comprehensible Input".  Of course, these blanket terms would freak out any admin who is not familiar with the Star. But then,