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I will write a post about how teachers get away with not teaching in a way that honors the research and the Communication standard. I don't look forward to that task, but it is becoming increasingly clear that such posts,

When we do things we enjoy, we don't get tired, and neither do our students. That is FLOW. When we teach our languages slowly and clearly, it energizes everyone in the classroom. When we enjoy FLOW, our hearts sparkle and

Last week, we mentioned a good, research-aligned objective for our whiteboards when we are teaching a tableau or story: S/W understand and read Spanish I also found a 2019 post on this topic on the PLC with comments, for anyone interested in

The focus here has always been on good teaching. However, the protection of our mental health and our own personal happiness (so related to our jobs!) are of the greatest importance. Sometimes I teach old-style grammar. Some get it and some

In an article in The Language Educator, Nicole Sherf (Salem State University) and Tiesa Graf (South Hadley High School, Massachusetts) gnash their teeth at the number of times cocktail-party acquaintances have said they took multiple years of a foreign language