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Our PLC member Frank James Johnson has said this about the Star Sequence: Scope: "Whole Language Instruction"  Sequence: "Spiraling Expansive Recurrence of Comprehensible Input".  Of course, these blanket terms would freak out any admin who is not familiar with the Star. But then,

I was watching "Inside the NBA" with Shaqille O'Neal and the "Round Mound of Rebound" Charles Barkley. On their Christmas show they gave away about 40 bicycles - placed on the set - to disadvantaged kids in the Baltimore area.  The

Our bosses profess to want REFORM in education. We all looked to CI. That was the right place to look. But to our shame we largely ignored the equity/inclusion side of things. Maybe it's because George Floyd hadn't yet been

The rise of elitism in our society is paralleled in our schools. It would be unreasonable to think otherwise. When the few take over a class then that class becomes their property.  One thing that I fear about our field in