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Here is a review of my two latest books. I am very happy: Review of The Ultimate CI Book 1 and Book 2 by Ben Slavic During my recent long-awaited professional development for teaching using Comprehensible Input, I realized that one of

I know that in the law there are various levels of, for example, murder, premeditated being the worst. But do murderers avoid imprisonment when their crime was unintentional? No. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Similarly, in the last

FACT: People learn languages effortlessly, using a part of their brain - the unconscious mind - that cannot be taught to, cannot be reached with traditional language instruction. FACT: Most language teachers do not know this, with the result that

Live in your classroom in full confidence that the next moment will manifest safely, creatively, just as the next note manifests in a piece of jazz, naturally. The next note is the next word or word group. Language is not