Parents Night – One Possibility

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17 thoughts on “Parents Night – One Possibility”

  1. If it were me Anne I would add something resembling the following two paragraphs above the second paragraph from the end:
    What about grammar? We learn grammar the way small children learn it, by knowing what it sounds like first. When grammar is taught on paper, the kids have no auditory reference points and it is very frustrating for them and can even cause them to quit and hate the language.
    But the worst part about studying grammar on paper is that it can destroy confidence in a student. So I teach grammar through speaking to them correctly in French (which is what grammar really is, isn’t it?) and letting them hear and read so much that they just write naturally after awhile.

    Or something like that. The rest of this text is golden, Anne, really well done. Add it if you want. Or modify it down a bit. You are sure to get some questions about grammar.

    1. I wanted to keep it fairly short. Interested parents can go to the link I gave them and find Krashen’s stance on grammar instruction. But you know, maybe I”ll keep copies of the whole article on hand, just to be ready. Good thinking, thank you.

      1. Also I have a ready-made answer for the grammar question. For me to teach grammar in my French class is like the band teacher teaching music theory in his band class.

  2. I would only address the grammar question on a need to know basis or if I were asked directly. I’d give a quick demo and laser point my walls. Anne, thanks for the great contribution.

  3. Can I plagiarize nearly every stinkin’ word of this, please? Like…seriously? And put it up on my school web site? I love it. At the very least, I’ll use it as my script if I’m ever on the phone with a confused parent…

  4. Everything here is for use in anyway that can help teachers in or out of the group. No permission ever required. If you write in with good stuff, you agree to those terms. We are here to help each other.

    1. I’ve spent less than $25 from my PayPal account for membership here since January or February and can honestly say that this forum was the best money I’ve ever spent for anything related to work. I’m talking extra tactical gear from my police officer days to dollars spent on gear when I was down range in Iraq in the Marine Corps! 100% sincere; this website (and Chris Stolz’s) is the reason why I’m returning for my second year as a teacher (or rather, as a provider of compelling, comprehensible input). 100% genuine.

  5. Robert Harrell

    I was going to say something about mentioning a single researcher (Krashen) but realized that most parents won’t know the debates that go on in SLA and teaching circles. At the same time, colleagues may come across copies of this, so Anne needs to be ready to speak to objections and let people know – on a need-to-know basis – that this is not just a single researcher’s opinion but the state of research.

  6. Alisa Shapiro

    The parent info is great!
    Wondering, ss it because our life’s work and calling is the betterment of communication that we are so obsessed with explaining our thang? Plus we are so misunderstood in this here and now on the nexus of change?

  7. Anna, I had a similar situation at my new school. I just moved from Tucson to Albuquerque and my new school/administration, colleagues, and parents do not know much about CI. It has been hard lately. I had our Open House last week and I was nervous. I showed the parents our google classroom with the syllabus, the Comprehensible Input notes and some examples of our CI activities that we practiced and developed in class. My ACTFL notes are posted on the walls so when I get parents that want to know more about the methodology, I smile and describe it to them on the spot. I repeated what Ben always says: We have been creating community in our classroom during these three weeks. Thanks, Ben!! Parents were very receptive. I showed them examples such as Card Talk and Special Person and relate those brief examples with their kids so they could have a feeling of the class. The next day, some students told me that their parents really liked the new approach. I felt what I was doing was the best for their kids and I believe that some of them got that message. I hope my experience can help you. Good luck! Marcia

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