Targetless Instruction – 16

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3 thoughts on “Targetless Instruction – 16”

  1. There is one group of people who work very hard at making interesting materials that are sometimes comprehensible to low-level learners, the movie industry. Everyday they are working very hard and making millions of dollars to make materials that will grip viewers.

    I have found several movies with a low level vocabulary that most students find quite interesting. Here are three: “Big” with Tom Hanks. “Regarding Henry” with Harrison Ford. “Monsters, Inc.” by Pixar.

    Also, consider the idea of “skipping”. Krashen has discussed this. The idea is to simply skip some words. Let’s face it, even though there are some words in a text that students don’t know, they still greatly benefit from the words they do know.


  2. For me this concept of the “anchor” is very helpful.
    The teacher can write the three structures on the board with the hope that maybe one will take off and become interesting for students. Without feeling that we are bound to cover/get to all three or maybe, the one that was an anchor leads to a different one if we are open and relaxed enough to let it happen.
    Still the challenge for the teacher is to propose the topic that can become meaningful.
    I also think it is important for myself to work more on the imagination piece. Not just by asking the kids to really imagine what is being said, but also by forming that “movie” in my own head as I try to keep everything else going.

  3. I try to find the moment in PQA when it segues/reflects/ties into one of the three anchors, at which point the anchor is aweighed and the story begins from that specific structure. If I have those structures in my mind during the PQA (o.k. at least the top one on the list), I can then drive the discussion into the story script that the three anchors serve, hopefully within the first ten minutes of PQA b/c in a 50 minute class that is all the time we can spare for PQA if a story is to happen as well (that is why I love 90 minute classes).

    Laura I like the word anchor as well. I have always thought of the three structures as big bolts holding the building together, as you see on Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC. I think that they call them “hurricane bolts”. They run the length of each floor from one side of the building to the other. Likewise, the three structures bolt together, or anchor, as it were, the flow of the PQA so that it doesn’t get too wide and float away into the clouds, reflecting Dr. Krashen’s points above.

    Some TPRSers (I think Jody Noble in San Francisco) have gone to one structure. That appeals to me. I like the simplicity of working from one structure. I might try that for awhile, but I have to wait until next week. Jody am I right that you were doing that? How has that been going?

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