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Tina and I won’t repeat our 15 city workshop tour around the country next summer. It was tough. Instead we are doing this, from a recent post by Tina on FB:

Planning Summer Institutes for World Language Proficiency 2018!

Here is DRAFT information on what they will potentially look like.

These ftrainings will set you up with instruction and assessment systems that you can deploy directly into your classroom when school starts back. You will experience the systems as a student in an uninterrupted five-day morning session with a max of 35 classmates. In the afternoon, you will work with Tina in a large-group setting (max 70 people) in the afternoon to learn about theory, assessment systems, and delivery and classroom management skills to support your students’ language development. Then you will receive whole-group partner coaching on specific skills that align to what you experienced in your morning class. In the evenings, you will work with your coaching partner to practice those skills while they are fresh on your mind.

We are planning three institutes, each with two week-long sessions and three options.

Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS) Institute: Learn a system for building student-driven characters and stories, develop literacy, and incorporate students’ interests and lives into the classroom. For first- and second-year teachers. (How to differentiate the second year from the first will be addressed.)

Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP) Institute: Learn a system for designing content-based instruction aligned to AP/IB themes, or to your students’ interests. Learn how to scaffold output to help your students develop the thinking, writing, and speaking skills to be successful on AP/IB tests and build their confidence in using the language to communicate about Advanced-level topics. Modified Reading and Writing Workshop strategies will be shared.

Coaching Intensive: During the CALP Institute, Ben will be offering a small-group (max 12) all-day coaching intensive, tailored to the needs of the group. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to develop very rapidly as a CI teacher.

The dates are shifting around but here is the latest, still tentative. Week 1 of each institute is five days and Week 2 is four days. People sign up for one or both:

June 18-22 BICS
June 25-28 CALP

July 16-20 BICS
July 23-26 CALP

St. Louis
July 30-August 3 BICS

August13-17 BICS
August 20-23 CALP



14 thoughts on “Next Summer”

  1. The dates are shifting around but here is the latest, still tentative. Week 1 of each institute is five days and Week 2 is four days. People sign up for one or both. BICS stands for Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills; CALP stands for Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency – see above for details:

    June 18-22 BICS
    June 25-29 CALP

    July 16-20 BICS
    July 23-27 CALP

    August13-17 BICS
    August 20-23 CALP

  2. Can’t say I miss it but it has made me appreciate Colorado. We may be having hard times as a nation but everyone should try living in India for a year or two just to put things into perspective.

  3. Their own governor of Delhi state says it’s like living in a gas chamber. Wow. This reminds me of the book Nature’s End that I read as a teenager. I sure hope we can get the air quality better over there!

  4. Hello,
    I am very excited to participate in the summer institute this year!!! I love everything you and Tina do and say :-)!!!
    What is the registration code to sign up for the conferences?


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