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Missed This One

On March 25th Brian wrote this and I completely missed it. Sorry Brian. We were talking about getting to know the kids, and you wrote:

“I wish I had a constructive answer to “How can we invite them . . .” for all of us. Invite is the operative word here. On April 19, I get to take a workshop with Susie Gross, offered to Mesa Arizona Public Schools language teachers and anyone who wants to attend (I’m in the latter category). I’m going to be very interested to see what old colleagues and younger teachers seem to think of TPRS as presented by Susie. I’m excited that I get a whole day with Susie, but I’m feeling a little jaded or maybe apprehensive about the reception by the group at large. When Blaine presented to Mesa Public Schools, to a group of about 15, back in ‘96 or ‘97, I think only two of us tried to do SOME TPRS. I didn’t stay with it, but it was a beginning.

“The expansion of TPRS into circling and PQA with lots of personalization is such a big change and addition since my first contacts with TPRS. Thanks to that change, to MoreTPRS, and to blogs like this, I think the invitation can bring in more beginners and even more skeptics and give them some staying power.”

I would love to know how you have seen TPRS change. I didn’t discover it until 2001 and can’t seem to get an image of what the method looked like in the ’90’s – if you care to expand on that from above.


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