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18 thoughts on “Make A Deck”

  1. No they just kind of happen. We just go in there and teach. We stay there as long as we can into the night because we know that it is in the little things we pick up from other teachers that we add to our own skills. We embrace where each of us is. New people and those of us who have been doing it for years and years each can learn things, and we do so in that spirit and not in one of “how good” we are. I think Laurie made a point about that once here about six months ago – there is something about working with CI that bars the doors to judgement. We are just all where we are and there is no good or bad about it. So think of summer camp, another Laurie idea, and that’s what it is.

  2. Your main task in the war room: bring a timer. Set it for 10 min. Make aure that whoever is teaching gets 10 minutes BEFORE Ben gets to jump in and comment ๐Ÿ˜‰
    War rooms were cool in 2014. I STILL remember Hosler’s Latin story word for word. A testament to the power of s.l.o.w.: “Puer est. Puella est. Puer puellam amat. Puella pueram non amat. Puer felix non est. Puella ad Sharkago it. Puer ad Sharkago it. Puella pueram pulsat. Puer felix non est.”

  3. Are you sure this email address is working? I cut and pasted the gmail address and used krashenrocks for the mot de passe and I get an error message.

    1. Brigitte – and for the record everyone that is pronounced – as Joe Eye told me, Bergeeta, right? bc it’s Austrian? – I haven’t done any Visual PQA in a long time. Maybe this will help and if you search in the search bar you may find some links to some decks. They are somewhere. That is the nature of having a site where stuff scrolls out.

  4. Yes, it is pronounced “Breegheetta”, lol – the only time I ever get a correct pronunciation is when I go back home to Austria. I have since learned to respond to pretty much anything, including “YO” ;-). I’m sure I can find some other decks, I just found it strange that the log-in info no longer seems to be working. Would they just terminate an account, only because nobody has used it in a while? Anyway, thanks for the info!!! Hope all is well with you and yours. I am upset with myself that I don’t make more time being active on this blog. My (professional) life has been incredibly overwhelming – in a good way.

    1. Say hi to Joe and Carly if you see them. Tina and I may be coming out your way either this summer or in 2018 for a workshop on non-targeted. If anyone can point the way to any vPQA decks, please advise here. Good stuff, those decks. The tide of CI is so vast we have trouble remembering all the great things that we can do. I will continue to look around here. Maybe I’ll find something.

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