Le Tiers État En Marche

I got a nice letter from a parent today – it was cc’d to other people in the building. We should all get such letters at the end of each school year! –
“I would like to personally thank you for making learning a language so enjoyable for my son.  His French 1 class was excellent this year and he has learned so much.   The method of teaching that he had in Mr. Slavic’s class was very effective and I am not sure how East chooses who will teach each year of French, but I would like to request that Chris have the opportunity to stay with the same style of  language learning that he received last year.  He is so enthusiatic about learning French and I want him to keep his momentum.  Please let me know if there is anyone I can talk with about French 2 for him.
Thank you for your consideration.
By the way, this parent has a great signature quote on her email page by Paul Shepard. Talk about a cool quote! –
“I move toward a feeling that we can make enormous changes, but that they’re not going to be made through change in ideology, or policies or programs. They’re going to be made in the way we rear our children.”



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  1. I got a really nice one too! The parent thanked me for going the extra mile and making her son love Spanish! He has some special needs but he’s an amazing auditory learner. ( And fun. He named my scorpion Fluffy.) We saved the fill-in-the-blank grammar until the end of the year, and thus worked around his biggest challenges. So CI wins again.

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