Kate on What Really Happens

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17 thoughts on “Kate on What Really Happens”

  1. One thing I am doing for Hybrid Learning is that instead of using the classroom posters on the wall and writing translations for pause and point on the board I will be doing everything digitally. That way I don’t have to worry that the kids at home are not seeing my pausing and pointing (the camera that I have facing the board is not the greatest).

    Here is a classroom poster Google Slide I made which can be used for E-Learning or Hybrid Learning. Feel free to copy but do not share publicly as I did not cite any sources. Of course 95% of what I do comes from Ben so the most is his material. That’s why I thought it’s appropriate to share on this blog.


  2. I don’t really use that stuff anymore Greg. Things have changed so much lately with COVID. It’s been necessary to build an entirely new model. We haven’t really talked about it here so much. Thank you for sharing this information, though – we need every model we can get right now.

  3. I can’t wait until you learn more because we need you and your encyclopedic knowledge of what is going on right now in our profession. We don’t have many actual and real leaders right now, have you noticed? Or if they claim leadership, their real aim is to make money by using the vacuum in leadership to make money, and not really further our profession. We’re in a bad state. We need to align our instruction w the research now more than ever bc our current failure at online teaching is revealing now how really shitty we have been teaching – COVID is revealing so much right now and bringing change so yeah, learn more. I just wish the TPRS and CI leadership would put the focus where it belongs – on the research. I could tell you some stories but we’ve had enough bullshit going on in our country lately so I’ll spare you what I personally have been seeing in our profession.

  4. Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg

    Guys, sorry I haven’t been here for a while.
    My K-8 school district is starting live instruction tomorrow; half the kids in the am; the other half in the pm – the teachers all day. Specialists like me have lost our classrooms – they need all of the spaces for gen-ed instruction – they will not re-use same classroom in the PM that they used in the AM.
    After the Ss have been at school in the morning for 3 hours, they’ll go home, & the AM classes will be deep-cleaned with electrostatic juice… – so the teachers will migrate to a different space for their afternoon classes…
    We (specialists) are partnered with elementary gen-ed teachers and have supervisory and co-teaching responsibilities aside from our live-stream language teaching. Get this – we specialists are teaching those kids who are at home – so in the morning we are teaching the kids who come to school in the afternoon… and in the PM we are teaching the kids who’ve gone home for the day… all specials (Art, Gym, Music, Spanish, Library/Tech) are part of the home/remote instruction They’ve invested TONS of resources per the CDC so the kids can come to school – cuz that’s what the parent$ demanded… PPE, Social distancing, extra custodians, nurses, a self-certify app, and since it’s super hot in Chicagoland in late August, you’ll be glad to know that we have options to escape the non-A/C classrooms. They’ve pitched banquet-style tents out doors!! When you can’t stand the heat…go to its source (with your mask and shield (for teachers) ON!
    All this with a regional testing positivity rate of 6.5% (8% and we’re back to phase 3 school closure restrictions- the #s are rising rapidly?!)
    EVERYONE – admin included! anticipates early/frequent quarantines!
    No one has answered the question of where in the bldg we (Specialists) are supposed to stream from (broom closet? Bathroom stall?), and how a 5 yr old 1st grade novice sitting at home is supposed to learn absolute beginners’ Spanish from a teacher onscreen who’s wearing a mask AND a face shield…
    You can’t make this stuff up.
    Stay tuned for more comic/tragic relief…

  5. I am so regretful you are in this dilemma. It is a travesty. Under such circumstances I have no concept of how you will build any kind of safety in the student’s heads. They will be so discombobulated with all the transistioning. And parents will be as well. They won’t have much time to get their own work done before they are back jostling for computer time with their children who are required to be online.

    I send thoughts of love and resilency to you and all who are back in the classroom.

  6. This is really bad. Do we need our jobs that bad – to be put in a situation where we are in real danger? I think that what you wrote Alyssa is kind of proof that such attempts will fail nationally w/in a month or so. All that money and effort is just going to go splat. I hope I’m wrong!

  7. My school is hybrid as well. The nice thing about my school is that if any student or teacher wants to teach remotely, they are allowed to, no questions asked.

    I think hybrid can work for high school age students. I couldn’t image having to teach hybrid or online for the little ones.

    I am finding that with the hybrid instruction if I had not come upon Ben’s NTCI I would be totally lost.

  8. Greg said:

    I am finding that with the hybrid instruction if I had not come upon Ben’s NTCI I would be totally lost

    Greg there is a reason for that. The Star Curriculum (how NTCI is applied in my own solar system) is based on the research. CI is not. It should be, but it didn’t work out that way. Too many people couldn’t jump high enough, couldn’t get enough power, to make CI align in true application with the research. Nice try.

    They lied to themselves for a long time. But COVID outed them as it has so many other things like Mr. Floyd’s murder has outed the system of structural racism in our country forever.

    I also think that now our profession has been outed forever as well. Big changes are afoot. Those new online trainers and “experts” out there are talking out of their asses.

    Good riddance to APCI. Welcome NTCI, in whatever new forms it takes in the coming years.

    1. I definitely have a sense of comfort going into remote teaching because of my NTCI experience. Students will be able to jump in and out of the instructional meetings even if they missed a meeting here or there.

      I’m happy for you, Greg, that your school is allowing students and teachers to choose in-person or remote, no questions asked. That seems the way to go.

      I’m really sorry, Alisa, for the hole your district is digging. I sure hope you can avoid falling in it. I’d really like to hear an update from you in a week or two, please.

  9. Wow so many different scenarios. Here in California, a lot of counties were on a watch list now its like 4 categories with most being at the worst or second worst. For schools to go back, we need to be on the second worst category for 14 maybe 21 days along with other requirements. So i am teaching online. I like it a lot actually. I’ve gotten much closer to my family and i have reduced down the commute, packing a lunch, and dealing with misbehavior. It was getting pretty bad the last 2 years since i was teaching with both legacy and CI. It never mixes well. Anyway, i thinking about maybe doing scripts and SL from time to time but not sure. I’m horrible at legacy strategies.

  10. Steve for four years – since I was able to extricate myself from a narcissist – I have been working on a book. It shows you how to teach a language online in a way that truly works. I’ll send it to you.

    (I’m doing better. It’s not easy to have one’s life’s work stolen, repackaged and resold. It’s not easy to recover from narcissist-induced damage, but I should be ok soon.)

  11. Kate you know this far more than I do, but I am just starting to see how the few control the many. They have many narcissistic traits or – like Trump and this person I mention above – are full-blown narcissists. They have cold hearts and want it all. I can’t wait for the zit to burst open.

    It’s about to. I’m looking forward to the new time that will mark what I think will be the biggest change in human history, the leap from intellect and greed to intuition and love. We’re just about there. All this shit is just the very beginnings of first light.


  12. You are right. There are so many times in which Humans have almost made that shift. I hope that we’ve world wide reached the farthest swing of the pendulum are making the turn for the long arc to reach for justice and love.

  13. I’m not even certain, Kate, that we need to hope. I think we can actually BRING this brighter day into the new POST-COVID model of education by learning how to identify people with narcissistic traits in them and deal with them so that we have a lot more AUTHORITY and command a lot more RESPECT than we have in the past as teachers.

    I highly recommend a book by Dr. Christine Northrup called Dodging Energy Vampires. If I write any more books, the next one will be on classroom management and how to identify the narcissist/vampires among the students and DEAL WITH THEM bc we have trained ourselves to RECOGNIZE them.

    In the past, we haven’t been able to recognize these VERY DANGEROUS students in our classroom and, as unaware empaths, some of us have allowed them to control us through ignorance and through our inability to spot them and have a working plan about how to deal with them.

    In other words, I am saying that one of the major reasons – if not THE major reason – that teachers lose control of their classrooms, is not a flaw in them, but their inability to IDENTIFY which kids (one out of five people is a narcissist according to the current research on narcissism – which is only a 20-year-old field in psychology). Since they can’t identify them, the few kids wreck havoc (have you ever noticed that it’s always one or just a few kids who ruin classes?

    Narcissists, according to the current research, cannot change and cannot even see that they are narcissists. That implies a lot about how we move forward when we have at least learned how to identify them.

    And make no mistake, they destroy lives. I know from personal experience on two different occasions in my life, one personal and one professional. They inflict great pain. Oh hell, why use many words to describe the horrors of being an empath victim of a narcissist when one word will do:


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